Services @ Creighton University

Omaha, NE

We offer the following services for students attending CU:

Summer Storage

Whether you're going home for the summer or studying abroad we’ll take care of your stuff so you don't need to lift a finger. Spend your time hanging out with your friends, studying or doing anything other than moving!

Ship Stuff Home

Whether you're going home for the summer, graduating, or just trying to free up closet space in your dorm, shipping with Dorm Room Movers is a breeze! Packing supplies are distributed via UPS then everything is shipped home via UPS with $100 insurance per item.

Ship to College

Have stuff you want to bring to school, but don't feel like paying the airline baggage fees just to haul it yourself? We'll send empty boxes to your house. Just pack, print shipping labels, and schedule a pickup on our website, and we'll ship them to your college. At select campuses we can even deliver to your dorm room!

Study Abroad Storage

Study abroad storage takes the stress out of handling all your belongings while you're abroad. We pickup, store, and deliver!

Local Movers

Whether you're moving into a new dorm, apartment or a new house, Dorm Room Movers can help you get your stuff there. Our professional movers can help you so you won't have to do it yourself

  • Ship Stuff Home

    Ship Stuff Home

    We'll get your stuff home easily!

  • Ship to College, College shipping is easy

    Ship to College

    No baggage fees or hassle

  • College Storage & Shipping

    Inside look

    See how our boxes are made!

features list

  • In-room pickup & delivery (no extra charge for stairs)
  • Free Packing Supplies (5 boxes and tape shipped to you)
  • Free Insurance (up to $100 per item)
  • Professional & Insured movers (So your things are safe and sound)
  • Secure & climate controlled (24/7 alarmed and protected)
  • 24/7 Customer Support (Toll free phone support)