best close summer trips you can take


It’s summer, it’s July and it’s time to do something spontaneous! Why not plan a trip? It’s hard to book a last minute vacation across the country or travel abroad without the price sky rocketing, so it may be best to stay close.

Here are our top 3 types of places to travel to:


#1 The Water – Weather you live close to a beach or lake, take a trip and feel some fresh water. Places like California and Florida are known for their beaches, and areas in the South or back east have tons of awesome lakes! Our advice? Rent a house  or get a hotel room with some of your crew and try to meet new friends with a boat!

#2 The Mountains – If you’re from somewhere hot, a green getaway with cooler temperatures can be just what you need. Either check out some hotels nearby or bring your tent and sleeping bag for an outdoor adventure.

#3 Festival Sites – Music, art and food are just 3 types of festivals out there. Try checking out a nearby state or city’s calendar to get the scoop on some new and exciting events to attend.


Fourth of July Fashions


Whether you’re hosting a party, attending one or just spending the day on the water, you want to dress the part for July Fourth. The obvious colors to wear are red, white and blue but that doesn’t mean you need to wear the typical American Flag shirt. Here’s 3 ways to get creative this year!

#1 Kisses- If you’ve been waiting to test out that new red lipstick you’ve had for a few months but haven’t gotten the courage to put it on, July Fourth is the day to do it! Dare to be bold with a statement lip. If you don’t have any red clothing to wear, this is a perfect solution! Our favorites: Mac’s Ruby Woo & COVERGIRL’s Really Red 

#2 Head of the Party- Feel like throwing on an all white outfit, but looking to get that red and blue in there too? Try purchasing an American flag turban headband. It’ll be patriotic-chic and you can wear it year after year.

#3 Nailed it- Maybe you’re not huge in to the whole “wear red white and blue” clothing thing, but you want to show your pride some other way. Try having some fun with your nails this week. You can do a full stripes and starts getup, or you can keep it simple and just follow the color scheme.

Keeping it Smooth- Smoothie Recipes for the summer

blog6:25Summer can be hot…really hot. Temperatures in some states surpass  100 degrees and certain states even have added humidity with that heat. That kind of weather can only mean one thing- smoothie season!

Here are our 5 favorite smoothie recipes for this summer:

Go Green: This green monster smoothie mixes greens like spinach and kale with tropical fruits to make a refreshing and healthy green smoothie.

Dessert Please: You’ll want seconds with this healthy cake batter smoothie recipe. Forget the ice cream and have fun with some sprinkles and cake mix on a hot summer night.

Breaky Treat: Sick of the same old scrambled eggs? Wake up tomorrow morning with a breakfast energy smoothie. The berries and orange juice will give you the vitamins and energy you need for the day!

Fruity Fun: No need to fix something that isn’t broken. If you’re a fruit smoothie kinda person, stick with what you know. Watermelon and strawberry will be the perfect blend!

Cup of Caffeine: If you’re a coffee lover, then why not put some coffee in your smoothie this summer? Spice it up and make a toasted coconut coffee smoothie to try something new.

Summer Loving

blog6:23Summer can be a great time to meet a significant other. Whether your new mate is an old flame that has rekindled, someone new and exciting you’ve just met or a person that you never expected to like, summer romances can be fun yet also confusing. The first question that comes to mind is if this is just a summer fling or if it will last through the fall and beyond.

But, how do you know if it is just a summer fling? We’ve got you covered with 3 things you should consider.

#1 Connection- Do you tell each other everything and anything about your lives or does it stay pretty surface with your new beau? If your relationship is strictly physical, this may not be the relationship you think it is. If you’re partner seems really invested in you and finding out new things to build a deep and solid bond, it may be something more than just a casual fling.

#2 Future Plans- Do you talk about plans past the summer? Maybe your new boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t go to your school- does that mean you’ve talked about being long distance or visiting one another? If you guys haven’t discussed this yet, it may be time to have that talk. This could be awkward at first, but it’s probably better to know now, instead of getting hurt later.

#3 Labels- Not that you have to be labeled to make it more than a summer fling, but it does solidify things a bit when you address the elephant in the room of what you two are. If you haven’t yet, that doesn’t mean it won’t last. Other things may show that your partner thinks of you more seriously, like introducing you to their family and friends or putting in effort to show that they care.


How to make your old room home again


You’ve been back for a few weeks now, or even a few months but something still doesn’t feel right. Of course you love seeing your family and old friends, and getting a break from classes and studying, but it doesn’t feel the same as college.

If you have all of these symptoms, you’re probably experiencing what we in the biz call “growing up.” If this is the case, you may feel like you’re revisiting the past by living in your old room, so why not blend the two worlds?

Here are 3 ways to make your old room feel like home again:

Picture This: You may feel like your old room is filled with old memories, so why not freshen it up? Get some new picture frames or a new picture board and put up a few recent pictures or you and your college buddies to make it feel like its a blend of both college and home.

Remodel: We’re not saying you have to go crazy, but maybe it’s time to put some of those dolls away or go with more of an adult bed spread. Sometimes simple changes like putting out a college throw blanket can make you feel better and make the room feel more mature in an instant.

Get Comfy: Maybe you’re just feeling disconnected from your home since you haven’t spent much time there this year. Try reading a good book on your bed or inviting some friends to hang out at your house. The more time you spend there, the more your childhood house will feel like home again.

4th of July Recipes


Now that you’ve decided what you’re doing for July 4th and it’s some sort of get together with friends any family, it’s time to check out some festive recipes for the occasion.

Here is a list of our favorite Independence Day eats:


  • Patriotic Pasta– Lasagna anyone? This isn’t your typical BBQ dish, but you can prep before everyone comes over and all you have to do is pop the tray in the oven. You’ll be left with an American flag dish of yumminess!
  • Firecracker Dogs– So you didn’t buy fireworks this year? No worries, this dish may not light up in the sky but your stomach will be happy after.
  • Colorful Deviled Eggs– Deviled eggs are always a great party staple so why not add a little food coloring to make them even more of a crowd pleaser?
  • Red, White & Blue Salsa– When you think of salsa you probably don’t think of strawberries, blueberries and jicama, but take a risk and take a fun twist on a traditional appetizer!


  • Pop, Pop, Pop– No, those aren’t the sounds of firecrackers, that is your delicious, patriotic popcorn dish! It’s amazing what a transformation a couple of colored candy melts can make.
  • Sweet BBQ- That barbecue of yours isn’t just for burgers and hot dogs. Try an inventive grilled strawberry shortcake skewer recipe, finished off with a blueberry glaze.
  • Patriotic Pretzels– Dipped pretzels are all the rage right now when it comes to easy and fun desserts at parties. Have some friends over to help you decorate and get creative!
  • Berry Fun–  This recipe is delicious, easy and even a little bit healthy. You won’t need to supply plates or utensils, but you may want to make enough for everyone to have seconds!

what you should do on 4th of july


It’s that time of the year again- Independence Day is approaching. It probably feels like the holiday still far away, but time goes fast over summer and it is less than 1 month until the the celebrations begin. People are already starting to plan, so why shouldn’t you?

Here are 3 things to do this Fourth of July…

Throw a party- What could be better than hanging out and having fun in your own backyard? It’s typically pretty hot around July 4th so try hosting a good old fashioned swim and BBQ party.  You can enhance your party with red, white and blue decorations, see all of your friends from home and grub on some awesome food.

Head to the water- When you think of this holiday, I’m sure you think of some sort of day hanging out on the water. Whether you live near a beach or lake, plan a day of fun in the sun with your friends or family. A lot of lakes and beaches have boats or beach houses you can rent just for the weekend.

Staycation- Just because you can’t go anywhere doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time! Check out some of the hotels near your house and see if they’re offering good rates. If you don’t have a pool, this is a fun option to still hang out in the water, and they’ll likely have a cool firework show at the end of the night. You can even split the room with your family or have a few friends chip in!


Why you should be taking pictures this summer


You have all of these fun trips, parties and activities planned so why not document them? You snap pictures all school year and it’s the time Our top 3 reasons why you should be taking pictures this summer are…

#1 Making Memories- You’re living in the moment and that’s amazing but one day you may forget that day on the lake or music festival you took a chance on. Taking a picture when you’re doing something fun will be a lasting memory and you can look back on your college years and summer breaks when you’re older.

#2 Catching Up- If you’re not seeing some of your friends all summer, this is a great way to catch up with them when you’re back. Telling them the places you went and people you were with is cool, but showing them pictures will really give them more of a feel of what your summer was like.

#3 Artistic Abilities- So you probably only take your pictures to post on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. but you can definitely tap in to your artistic side. Maybe you want to get an amazing digital camera, or toy around with a fun polaroid. You can do so much with pictures using different lenses, paper and filters.






Celebrate National Iced Tea Day with a new recipe!

blog6:9The temperatures are climbing and you could really go for a cold, refreshing, drink. It just so happens that tomorrow is National Iced Tea Day. What better way to celebrate than pouring yourself a glass to quench that thirst. Sometimes plain old iced tea can get boring so why not spice it up? Check out our 3 ways to switch up your iced tea.

#1 Fruit

Whether its pomegranate peach, citrus, or pineapple, don’t be afraid to add a little fresh fruit or juice to your tea. This addition will not only give it a summery taste , but also add a little colorful decoration to your presentation.

#2 Herbs

Introducing the flavor of an herb like basil, mint or thyme can be a fun way to change up the flavor of your tea. The herbs will give it a fresh taste and when you’re bored of one spice, you can move on to the next!

#3 Get Sweet

You’ve probably heard of sweet tea, or Southern sweet tea, but you may not order it too often. Take a chance and try making your own Southern sweet iced tea this year. You can still add herbs and fruit, but it’ll be a little sweeter than before.

Handling Long Distance Relationships

blog6:5Whether you’re separated from your friends or significant other for the summer, long distance can be rough. You’re used to seeing them everyday and talking to them practically 24/7, which can make going home a tough transition. Here’s a few ways to survive long distance:

#1 Make a Plan 

Sit down with your friends or SO and talk about what you’re going to do when you’re apart. Are you staying with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or do you think it’s better to part ways until you return? Talk to your friends about summer travel plans. Maybe you two can meet up in the middle or take a fun trip to meet up with some other friends.

#2 Keep in Touch

With technology these days, you can still see your friends and SO everyday when you’re apart with things like Skype and FaceTime! If your friends are in another country you can still talk to them using iMessage or with apps like Viber and Whatsapp.

#3 Snap Pictures

If you don’t think you’ll be able to talk to your friends or SO everyday, you can take tons of pictures during the summer and catch up on everything when you’re reunited. Exchanging stories and snaps of what you did all summer is a fun way to reconnect.

#4 Keep Busy

Even when you get to talk to your friends everyday, being separated can still be rough. One way to handle the long distance is to distract yourself by doing other things over the summer. Go on a trip, take up a hobby or apply for an internship! The busier you are, the less time you’ll have to think about who you’re missing.

#5 Big Picture

Whenever you’re upset, just remember that the long distance is only temporary. You’re just home for the summer and you’ll see the people you love in a few months. When you reunite, it’ll be that much better! Take this as a time to reflect on your relationships and better yourself.