how to deal with living with your parents again


If you just graduated and you’re moving home for a little bit before you get on your feet, or if you’re just home for the summer and going back to school in the Fall, this is for you! Living at home with your parents after having all of the freedom you want at school can be tough to readjust to. So we’re here to tell you how to deal.

1. Be upfront: Sit down and have a talk with your parents. Do you still have a curfew? What do they want you to make your bed everyday? Knowing what your parents expectations are ahead of time will make things a lot easier. You’ll know exactly what they want of you and you can share what you’re hoping living together will be like.

2. Get out of the house: If you’re exploding inside and your parents are getting on your nerves after day 2 of being home, don’t just sit on the couch all day. Get an internship or job, make plans with friends or plan a trip somewhere!

3. Breath: Remember that this is not permanent (hopefully) and that your time here will expire. If you don’t get along with your parents, that’s okay. Try to work on your relationship before this time is up. Just think, you’ll either be back at school in a few months or you’ll get a job, save up some cash and go out on your own.

Save money, don’t go to Starbucks


We’re not hating on Starbucks or anything, don’t get it wrong. Give us a grande frappa-anything and we’d be happy as a clam. But, how much money are you wasting at the coffee shop every single day? We’re guessing about $5-$7+ dollars on any given trip, depending on what you get of course. It’s pretty straight forward why you would want to stop at a coffee shop (it’s fast, convenient, hot & delicious) but if you made your own coffee, you would save SO much money.

Here are a few things to do at home to make yourself better than the barista at your fav. coffee shop:

#1 Buy a great coffee maker. This one goes without saying. What’s good coffee without an amazing maker? Among the most popular are Keurig, Krups, Cuisinart and the list goes on.

#2 Pick the right beans. What kind of coffee do you want? If you’re missing the Starbucks French Roast feel, go out and get some Starbucks beans to brighten your day. The best part about making your own coffee is that there are tons of different brands and types of coffee beans out there to try until you find one you can’t live without.

#3 Use those bucks. You go to the coffee shop about 3 times a week, for approx. $6 a trip. Try putting the same amount of money that you spend at the coffee shop in a jar in your room and then empty it at the end of the month. Treat yourself to something small or even put it away for saving. You’ll realize how much money you’re saving and never turn back.

5 things to do at home over the summer


WOOOOO! It’s officially summer break (or almost) and you’re heading home for the summer. You’ll be sleeping in your old bed, in your home town and basically you’ll be back right where you were before you went away to college. Some people can see this as a bad thing since you may not have as much freedom or you’ll be missing your new BFFs, but it’s not all bad! Here’s our top 5 things to do at home over the summer.

1. Spend time with family and old friends- You probably don’t get to see your family or old friends very much while your away at school, or even talk to them much. Take some time to catch up. Have a BBQ, go to a movie or take a trip to the beach. Don’t take this time for granted… It’s hard to stay up to date on each other’s lives when you’re away at college.

2. Get in shape- If you neglected your health and fitness at school for partying and pizza, now is the time to get back to your routine! You want to take care of yourself and get back in to shape this summer. Try a new clean eating plan or join a new studio in town.

3. Get a summer job/internship- Just because it’s summer vacation doesn’t mean you HAVE to be lazy. Make some extra cash for the school year or for a trip you’ve been saving up for. Also, no need to neglect your future…apply for an internship in your field. You can always use a good resume builder!

4. Take a road trip- Is there something you haven’t seen near your home town or do you have some new friends just a state or city away? Get in the car and take a trip to a new place. You can have fun exploring and seeing new places.

5. Relaaaaxxx- You just worked your butt off during finals and you’ve been studying all year, so why not take a load off? Lay by your pool, download a good book on your kindle or even start a new series on Netflix. You could use some “you” time.


BLOG5:14Finals are ending, summer is near and it’s time to load everything into storage. You’ve packed winter clothes, bedding and everything else you don’t need over the summer but you’re not sure what to do with those liquids you have like mouthwash, detergent, shampoo, nail polish remover and more. Here’s our top reasons why you should leave liquids out of storage!

#1 They may ruin everything- If you don’t put the cap on tight enough or there’s a hole that you don’t know about it the bottle, this could be a big problem when you come back. You may have put your favorite sweater or important papers in that box and everything could be ruined.

#2 They could spoil- If your stuff is sitting in a storage locker that isn’t climate controlled, they could totally get gross and spoil. You don’t want your favorite lotion exploding from the heat or winding up chunky.

#3 Bonus: Our suggestion? Avoid major problems by giving leftover liquids to a friend, bringing them home with your or throwing them all out before you go home!

How to fill in nail holes in the wall


You’re packing everything up and it’s almost time for your RA to do your room inspection. All that’s left in your dorm are memories and, of course, holes in the wall. You know you shouldn’t have hung things with nails, even the contract you signed said not to. But, you couldn’t help yourself. Don’t fret, we have the perfect solutions for you.

#1 The lazy college kid way: Everyone has toothpaste right? Well, we hope you do. If not, it may be time to borrow from a friend, or go shopping! Squeeze  little bit out and put it in those small holes you have all over your room.  Maybe stray away from blue or green toothpaste if your wall is a stark white!

#2 The fast fix way: Go down to the hardware store and grab some wall putty. Push the putty into the hole and wait for it to dry. You can either leave it or put a tiny bit of paint over to make it blend in even more.

#3 The super-duper inventive DIY way: Do you have any aspirin lying around? Welp, now you have another use for it. Smash it up a bit until it gets powder-like and add a very small amount of water to it. Then use that as a paste to fill each hole.

#4 The “right” way: So you feel like being proper, huh? This one is for you. Grab some drywall filler, sand over it and then paint over that. There, easy peasy!

How to pack electronics


Everything you need to move needs careful planning and packing, but electronics might be the most fragile. Whether you’re driving your stuff home, moving to a friends, storing with a company or shipping home, you want to make sure all of your electronics are safe and secure.

Here are our top 3 tips on moving your electronics safely:

#1 Use Original Packaging

It’s definitely best to use the original packaging when packing up your electronics. Items like that always fit best in the original boxes they come in. In addition, shipping and storage places often don’t cover electronics under their insurance unless the items are in their original packaging. If you didn’t save the boxes, that’s okay too! Just find a box or packing blanket and pack the stuff up the best you can.

#2 Keep Everything Organized

Most electronics have multiple pieces so its smart to keep everything organized when packing. If the item has a remote,  owner’s manual or cords, make sure to keep those two together and pack them with, or near, the device. For cords, it’s smart to color code your ports and cables so when you unpack, putting everything back together is simple and stress-free!

#3 Temperature Awareness

Many electronics won’t do well in the super hot heat or in a lot of humidity, so it’s important to be aware of the weather where you are storing, shipping or moving your items to.  If you’re moving the stuff yourself, be sure to load your electronics last so they aren’t sitting in the hot truck for too long. In addition, for storage be sure to choose a place that is climate controlled.

How To Get Your Dorm Ready For Move Out


So, it’s about that time of the year again. Finals, counting down until summer vacation and of course MOVE OUT. Before you can live your fantasy and be relaxing on a raft in the pool with an ice cold lemonade in your hand, you have to worry about packing all your stuff up.

Normally this is considered a chore and even a burden during the rush of the end of the year, but what if packing up and moving out of your dorm, apartment or house could be simple? Well, it can be. Here are a few tips on how to get your dorm ready for move out…

1. Make a Plan- Just like everything in life, it’s better to lay out a guide for yourself so you don’t forget to pack anything or run out of time.

  • Get Prepared- Make sure you set things like breakables aside so that you have time to pack them at the end. Give yourself enough time with maybe an extra hour or two so you can study instead of pack 5 minutes before your last final.
  • Supply Yourself- Check to see that you have everything you need. Boxes? Packing tape? Bubble wrap? Newspaper? Suitcases? Make a thorough list for these items and make sure you have them all before starting.
  • Decide what to do- If you’re shipping your items home, storing with a company, friend or at a self-storage locker, make a decision and quick! You don’t want to be trying to get a friend to lend you their truck last minute or wind up paying inflated pick up prices with movers.

2. Deal with the big items- If you live in an off campus apartment or house, this could be pretty common. You’ll want to asses your items and figure out what you’re doing-shipping, storing or moving? Protection for furniture is key for all instances.

  • For mattresses, make sure you box or cover them with plastic to keep dust and bed bugs out.
  • TV’s are always best in boxes or packing blankets, and make sure to keep your remote somewhere safe!
  • Dressers and desks should be covered with plastic or cardboard. Be sure to empty your items and secure all of the drawers and shelves so that they do not open or separate during the move.

3.  Stay Calm and Pack On- Even though this probably seems like a super stressful time of your year, remember that summer is just around the corner and that it’s not the end of the world if you have 1 box left to pack after your final. You’re there for school and exams are still your number one priority. Here’s a few more tips to keep you organized.

  • If you’re storing your items, don’t forget to set aside the items you want to take home this summer.
  • Driving home? Make a plan on which route you’re going to take and make sure you have your playlist ready to rock!
  • During your exam study breaks, pack a little. It gets you moving and you’ll get work done while you’re on your break.

Happy packing!:)

Activities to do during your last week in your dorm

BLOG5:5Finals are here and it’s almost time to go home for the summer. Maybe when you come back you’ll be in a dorm again or maybe you’ll be moving somewhere else, like an off campus apartment or house, or fraternity/sorority  house. Either way, this is the last week of the year in your dorm so you have to celebrate!

Here’s our top 5 things to do:

1. Hang out with friends- You may not be seeing your friends for the entire summer so having a chill night in your dorm would be a good way to say goodbye. Pop some popcorn, stream a movie from Netflix and chat about your plans for the summer.

2. Last minute packing- You probably have tons of stuff to bring back home or put in storage so you may want to get to packing! It’s best to pack some of your stuff up before finals so you don’t have to worry about it while you’re studying but last minute items, like clothes and bedding, will take up a few hours or days to pack up during your last week.

3. Build a fort- DUH. Get everyone on your floor and grab some flat sheets to get going. This is a fun way to say goodbye to all of your friends in your dorm and have one last hurrah.

4. Spring Cleaning- Think about what exactly you need for next year and what you probably won’t use. Cleaning out your dorm and getting rid of some stuff could really cut your costs of shipping or storage, and allow you to be more organized when you move into your new place next school year!

5. Roomie Bonding- Are you living with your roommate again next year? Even if you are, it probably won’t be the same environment or the same exact energy next year so take some time and really soak in what freshman year has to offer. Get froyo, watch a movie or just make a cup of noodles and hang.

How to properly lift a box

blog5:1Moving season is here and you’ve probably packed some items in boxes this year. If you’re moving your own stuff and trying not to injure yourself lifting everything, it’s time to learn how to lift boxes properly. Check out our favorite tips below…

  • Plan it out: Make sure you have a place in mind where you are putting the box once you lift it. The longer you are walking around with a large box, the more chances you have to bump into things and hurt yourself.
  • Warmup- Do some stretching for your back and legs before it all begins! This will loosen up your muscles and then you won’t be as sore after.
  • Squat for your thought : Don’t bend over and lift with your back. Simply squat down, bending at your hips and knees only.
  • Lift with your legs: Don’t rush lifting the box if you’re not going to do it properly. Make sure you’re lifting with your legs and hips. keeping your back straight to avoid injury.
  • Get close: Keep that box close to your body once your standing upright. Tighten your core and try not to twist your body too much, then transfer the box where it needs to go.

How to Pack all your stuff into a Jetta for summer break

blog4:24If you don’t have a Volkswagen Jetta, that’s okay. Keep reading….

Packing up and driving home for the summer is exciting- you just finished finals, you’re ready for summer vacation and it’s time to go home! But first, you have to deal with packing up the car.

You can ship your stuff home or store it for the summer locally but if you choose to drive it all back, things could get a bit messy. Here’s our top 4 tips on how to stuff everything in your car.

#1 Make a plan- You drive your car almost everyday and maybe even drove all this stuff to college at the beginning of the year, therefore you should have some sort of idea on how much will fit in the car. If you have a car on the smaller side and a wardrobe bigger than the car, don’t expect everything to fit. Divide your stuff into categories and then figure out how many suitcases and boxes will fit before you start to pack the car up!

#2 Alternatives to Boxes- Boxes could definitely be the hardest thing to fit in the car. While there are some things that probably have to be boxed, a lot of things can fit into storage bags, garbage packs or even stackable drawers. These will be easier to squeeze in the car and stack on top of each other. Also, think about investing in zip ties or an overhead luggage carrier for the roof of your car.

#3 Prioritize- Think about what you actually need in the car. You should put items like your phone, purse, water, snacks etc. up front and reachable. Make sure you don’t have to dig through everything when you go to find your wallet at your first rest stop. On top of that, prioritize what you actually need to bring home. Pack all of the essentials in the car first and then ship or store whatever is left.

#4 Safety First- Don’t pack the car up to the brim. Make sure you can see out the review mirror, especially if your drive is a couple of hours long. Always remember that safety should be your first thought. Maybe ship that extra box you have or take some stuff home on a trip back home before summer. The less stuff at summer break to bring home, the better!