The Guide to College Student Discounts


Between tuition, books, food and all of the other stuff you buy on a daily basis, college can get super expensive. Thankfully, the world understands that students are paying a ton of money on the reg and some businesses even offer perks for students. Just flashing your student ID at some places can get you a discount making your purchase less expensive. Check out some of the places we found below…

  • Movie Theaters- Most movie theaters have student discounts for their showtimes. Even though sometimes it’s only a few bucks off, the savings can really add up. Some theater chains that offer this deal are AMC Theaters, Harkins Theaters & Cinemark. Check your nearest theater to see if they have any discounts!
  • Technology- Tons of the big names have special education pricing and can help you save hundreds of dollars on things like computers, tablets and accessories. Check out the student deals at Apple,  Microsoft and HP.
  •  Refer a Friend- After you register for services at Dorm Room Movers you’ll get a code that is completely unique to you. Our refer a friend program means that every time someone else enters your code in the coupon section when they register, you get $10 off of your total service, and so will they! The $10 discount can really add up if you get enough friends to enter your code. You can even announce the it to your fraternity, sorority or club on campus…the possibilities are endless. Also, keep in mind Amazon also has a pretty cool refer a friend program too!
  • Food Chains- What are you craving today?  Tons of places have student discounts on their whole menu, or even give you a free drink with purchase when you flash your student ID at them. Places that offer these deals are Chipotle, Qdoba, McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, Subway, Buffalo Wild Wings & Dairy Queen. Keep your eyes and ears open because there are so many others out there.



Coolest College Mascot Stories


School: Scottsdale Community College Mascot: Artie the Fighting Artichoke

The Story: SCC spent tons of money on their sports teams and supposedly ignored other necessities so when students got the chance to vote on a new mascot, they came up with “The Fighting Artichokes,” with pink and white as their school colors. Although the school’s administration rejected it for another mascot and color scheme, the students fought hard, eventually coming to a common ground with Artie and the colors gold and green.

School: Dartmouth College                                 Mascot: Keggy the Keg

The Story: Although Dartmouth is commonly called “The Big Green,” they once were referred to as “the Indians” which caused tons of controversy around the country for it’s racist undertone. Dartmouth doesn’t have an official mascot but students came up with “Keggy the Keg,” which was an attempt to lighten the mood of the controversy and have some fun. Keggy has been unofficially associated with the school ever since.

School: Stanford University                               Mascot: The Stanford Tree

The Story: This is another situation in which the school’s teams were originally referred to by a derogatory name so they had to choose a neutral mascot, with the tree coming out on top as their unofficial mascot. The sports team is known as the Stanford Cardinal, referring to the color, however the tree is supposed to represent a tree shown on Stanford’s seal.

School: Syracuse University                               Mascot: Otto the Orange

The Story: After being known as “The Saltine Warrior,” and being changed due to uproar of derogatory undertones, the school stuck with the color orange and was named Otto by one of the cheerleaders at the university. The mascot is furry and orange, with blue arms and legs. Interestingly enough, although Otto is round, he is not supposed to represent an Orange fruit, but rather – the color orange.

School: Louisiana State University                 Mascot: Mike the Tiger

The Story: Louisiana State is all about their tigers. The men and women’s sports teams at LSU are called the “Fighting Tigers” and the “Lady Tigers.” The school’s football field is even called the “Tiger Stadium.” LSU decided to take it to the next level by making their mascot a real live tiger. LSU is currently on it’s 6th Mike the Tiger and Mike gets tons of visitors per year. There is also a costumed tiger referred to as Mike, who appears at most of LSU’s sporting events.

How to get your dorm ready for a superbowl party


You took the plunge and decided to throw a super bowl party, but now theres so much to do! Don’t worry, we came up with your checklist for you. Here are some things you’ll need to make your party a huge success.


Are you going to go with a simple chips and dip spread, appetizer tray or go full out and make a hearty meal?  Making party food can be tough in a dorm, but check out our list dorm friendly Super Bowl snacks here. If cooking isn’t your forte, pick up a sandwich platter from your nearest sub shop or order a few pizzas. You can’t go wrong as long as there’s good food!


Every party needs a little decorative flair to it. Go with the overall football theme or your favorite team playing. You can buy tons of cool decorations, or if you’re into DIY projects try making some coasters or a football themed paper chain.


Now comes the tough part. You need to figure out who you want at your party and prepare for the amount of people. Do you have enough places for people to sit? If you don’t, ask some of your friends down the hall if they are using their desk chairs that day. Having the right amount of people is a tricky thing, but you want to make sure your guests are comfortable, so make sure to invite just the amount of people that will fit in your dorm.


The most important aspect of the Super Bowl is….the commercialsTHE GAME! Make sure you have a TV or projector in your room so you can actually watch the game. If you do, check and see if you get the network that the game is playing on. If you don’t, it may be best to move the party to a friend’s apartment or house and ask if you can help them put it all together.




5 Healthy Dorm Room Snacks


It’s hard to stray from Pop-Tarts, Easy Mac and Ramen as your breakfast, lunch & dinner snacks when you’re in your dorm room, but having a balanced diet is really important during your college years. You’re staying up late partying studying and waking up early to tailgate study some more so you need your energy. Take a look at some of these healthy snacks you can make right in your dorm room:

#1 Ants on a log 2.0- You’ve been eating ants on a log for years, and there’s really no reason to stop. You can stick with the easy, healthy snacks you made when you lived at home, but you’re in college now so you should probably step your game up a little. You can get creative with this snack and put peanut butter and yogurt on different fruits or veggies. The raisins are always good, but you can also add things like craisins and blueberries or chocolate chips to add a little pizazz.

#2 Peanut butter chocolate chip granola bites- If you have a sweet tooth and don’t want to have something unhealthy, this is the perfect snack. These granola balls slightly resemble a granola bar, but they’re homemade and even tastier. There are tons of recipes out there that are similar to this one but have a different flavor twist, so you can try different ones each time you make them.

#3 Energetic parfait- Parfaits are great things to make for breakfast or have as a quick snack in between studying. This particular recipe features heated up marshmallows and mixed berries, but you can decide what you want on your parfait and put your own spin on it.

#4 Fruit skewers with raspberry dip- Okay, we know putting the word skewers in the title doesn’t quite grab you. There’s no tricking you- you’ll be eating fruit. However, the raspberry dip made out of marshmallows, cream cheese and raspberry preserves brings this snack to the next level of deliciousness.

#5 Tuna stuffed tomatoes- This recipe can be served as a snack or even a light lunch. The recipe is gluten and carb free but if you’re feeling like you need a little boost, just add a few multigrain crackers to the mix. You can mix whatever you want in your tuna salad and if you’re not a huge tuna fan, change it up to egg salad or chicken salad.


3 ways to organize for new classes


Keeping track of new teachers,  all of your assignments and how your classes operate can all be a bit confusing, not to mention you have to do this EVERY SEMESTER. There are ways to keep organized and get settled in to your new schedule. Here are our top 3…


This one probably seems fairly obvious. Typically most students use some sort of planning system, whether it’s a paper planner, phone or app. Keep organized by looking at all of your syllabi immediately and writing out everything you have due on which day. Tests, quizzes, papers and reading assignments can all get overwhelming if you look at them on one piece of paper. Having your assinments and tests all mapped will let you know when to begin studying and remind you which day you have what.


You’ve been doing this ever since you were little and now is not the time to stop. Right when you get your classes and figure out exactly what you’ll need, go out and get it. This could be binders, notebooks, pens and the most important thing- books. Having all your stuff at the very beginning of the course will ensure that you’ll be prepared whenever an assignment comes up down the road.


So you have all of your folders for you previous classes, but out with the old and in with the new. You’re in a new mindset and ready to leave those C’s and D’s courses behind you. Go on your computer and organize your folders for each class. If you like to take notes on your computer, set it up so each class has a different tab. This will keep you organized and ready to go each day.

How to get to know your professor

rsz_professorblogYou’ll find that getting to know your college professor and establishing some sort of relationship can make your life WAY easier. This is especially important if you are in a large lecture hall. Gone are the days of small classes where the teacher can divide their attention between you and your classmates. Now, you are sharing your professor with hundreds of peers. If you get along with your teacher, you are more likely to show up to class and participate while you’re there. Lastly, a solid relationship with a college professor can prove to be very useful if you are ever in need of a recommendation letter. Here are a few ways you can get to know your professor better…

Front row anybody?

It might be tempting to waltz into class at the last minute and snag a seat in the back, but try to resist the temptation to laziness. Simply sitting up at the front of the classroom works wonders – it puts a name to your face so your professor can distinguish you from the rest of your classmates. It also helps weed out unnecessary distractions, which makes concentration that much easier.

Present, Aqui, Here!

Now that you are in college, you don’t have anyone staying on top of you to make sure you go to class. As an adult, it is your responsibility to keep up attendance. Some teachers require you come to every class, while some have a certain amount of classes that they allow you to miss. Most common, though, are the teachers that do not take attendance. Remember – if you don’t show up to class, it is you who will suffer the consequences when it comes time take that exam or hand in that paper.

Rate My Professors

This is a quick way to get to know your professor before ever stepping foot in their classroom. A website that was built for college students, by college students – this is a place for students to review their professors teaching skills and methods anonymously. If you want the inside scoop on the best professors, as well as a heads up on which teachers to stay far away from. You may even get an insight to how they like papers written or what style their tests are.


Many professors hold office hours outside of class, giving you a chance to have their undivided attention. Going to office hours for help on homework, a paper or even to just introduce yourself will put you one step ahead. Even if you don’t need help at the time, take this opportunity to stand out and create a relationship. If you make the effort to go to office hours and get to know your professor, he or she will be more likely to help if you are about to fail struggling a bit later on in the semester.


How To Get Motivated For The New Semester


Everyone needs a break once in a while, especially during college when you’re studying all the time. The toughest part about winter break is that it’s just enough time off to get you in vacation mode, which can be a very difficult mindset to break. Spring is equated with new beginnings, so give yourself a fresh start this semester. Here are some ideas to help you get motivated for the new semester looming around the corner.

#1 Get inspired: Whether you’re excited to get back to school or dreading the return, the mind is a powerful tool. Think positive thoughts to help you get pumped for the new semester.

#2 Set goals for yourself: Keep your ambitions realistic. Don’t kill yourself with excruciating expectations, all nighters and daily cram sessions. Always go into the new semester with the incentive to do the best you can.

#3 Learn from your mistakes: Use your past semesters as a guideline for what needs improvement and how you can make your semester as smooth as possible. If you stay on top of your studies in the beginning of the semester, that means less work and no nasty surprises in the end from your weeks of procrastination.

#4 Reward yourself: After all of your hard work, you deserve a treat. If you’ve aced an exam or written a great paper, celebrate your success! Go out with friends or buy yourself something you’ve really been wanting!

Dorm Friendly Super Bowl Snacks


Super Bowl XLIX is just a few weeks away so that means it’s probably time to start planning the most important part of your Super Bowl party…the FOOD! Who doesn’t love a good spread while watching the commercials game?

We understand that living in a dorm leaves you with minimal cooking resources and that it can be extremely difficult to find dorm friendly delicious recipes, so we’ve rounded up some of the coolest and best Super Bowl snacks for you….

  • Queso blanco dip- Queso (cheese) dip is probably one of the easiest dips to make so try and switch it up this time using a white cheese. You can also add extra peppers to make it hotter and even shredded rotisserie chicken for some added protein!
  • Bbq meatballs- Wait you’ve never made homemade meatballs in the microwave? Well we haven’t either, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a try! These juicy meatballs are great for a larger party, just add toothpicks in each one so people don’t get too messy around your room.
  • Fresh Salsa and Chips- Forget the pre made stuff in a jar. You will get ooh’s and ah’s out of your guests if you prepare a fresh homemade salsa. Salsa’s just take a little chopping and mixing, providing a quick snack.
  • Avocado BLT- One word: WOW. This provides all the stuff you think of when you watch football: bacon, bacon and more bacon. Why use a regular and boring recipe for your BLT when you can do something different? It’s light and refreshing, but still gives you that great BLT taste.
  • Buffalo popcorn- It’s not a Super Bowl party without a little buffalo hot sauce. Instead of getting frozen wings and passing them off as your own, try making a unique twist on popcorn this year. It is healthier and you can snack on it all day long.
  • Pepperoni pizza panini-You could order a few pizzas and call it a day, but the pizza guy probably won’t be there until atleast the first half is over. If you have a panini maker, this is a no brainer. With just a few ingredients and a couple of minutes later, you’ll be done…and it’s not even delivery!
  • Sausage and cheddar football bites-This is your replacement for the giant sub you would’ve ordered. Save money, time and over ordering by making little finger sandwiches on crackers. They are football themed and tasty. Who doesn’t love that combination?
  • Watermelon football helmet-Oh, you’ve had enough of all of the heavy food? No problem. Combine crafting and eating with this creative dessert idea. You can carve out a watermelon to be the shape of a football helmet and fill it with your fruit of choice.
  • Football cookies & cream dip-For all those chocolate lovers, this one is for you. This is pretty much an Oreo blizzard in a dip form and will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.






How to ship your car across the country


So you chose a school far, far away from home. You’re going to be meeting all types of people and experiencing a completely different culture. The only problem is that you still want your car with you at college. If you aren’t the best driver or hate driving, transferring your car across the country on your own probably isn’t the smartest idea. On top of it being dangerous, driving across country takes a lot of time and quite frankly, it’s a pain in the butt.

It would definitely make the transition easier if you had all of your things at school when you arrived. We can help you ship your stuff directly to your school and have all of your clothes and dorm accessories waiting for you when you get there, so the logical thing would be to get your car shipped to your school also!

Although we don’t currently offer a car shipping service, there are TONS of companies out there who can. Check out some of the companies we found that might be able to help you out!

How To Sound Proof Your Dorm



What is the fun of living in your own dorm room if you can’t even play some music now and then without annoying your neighbors? We know many new college students living in dorm rooms are surprised at just how thin the walls and floors of their new living space really are.

Before you permanently limit yourself to a life of headphones and whispers, here are some tips on how to soundproof your dorm room:

Start With the Floor

Believe it or not, quite a bit of noise travels through and along the floor. If you do not have any floor covering, you could be emitting much more noise than your realize. Try a thick rug or carpet to soundproof your floor. Some people have even used a layer of rubber mats below their rugs for added noise absorption. You may need to go 3 or 4 layers thick to get the best results. Not only will you end up with a floor that minimizes reverberations, but you will also have a nice cushioned floor! Be sure to choose rugs that add to the look and feel of your room.

Cover the Walls

Before you start hanging anything up on the walls, be sure you know what the dorm fire code is and what the rules say about using adhesives to hang things up. Some of the most effective wall hangings include artwork with thick wooden frames, heavy drapes, corkboard, canvas, and acoustic panels. It really depends on your budget and the rules and codes of your dormitory. You can get creative when it comes to using posters mounted on corkboard or pieces of Styrofoam covered in your favorite material. Once you get the walls covered, don’t forget the doors!

Get Strategic with Your Furniture

If your dorm space allows for it, furniture is a great way to add soundproofing to your room. Strategically place your desks, dressers, beds, sofas and any other furniture you have against walls to help block sound from getting in or out. When placing furniture, keep in mind that absorbing vibration is a big part of limiting how far sound travels.

Don’t Forget the Windows

Windows are an essential consideration when it comes to soundproofing your room. One popular method is installing removable coverings that can easily be attached or detached from the inside of your room. Even window coverings that boast weather protection can actually be very effective in reducing noise.

However you go about soundproofing your dorm room, be sure to consider your safety as well as the safety of those you live with. It is important to follow the codes and guidelines set by the those in charge.