3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Deluxe Giveaway!


Who says dorm breakfasts have to be microwave oatmeal, breakfast bars, cereal or fast food? We’ve found the perfect addition to your dorm room. Whether you’re craving eggs and sausage, pancakes, a heated up breakfast muffin or just need a cup of coffe, the 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Deluxe from Dorm Co will solve all of your breakfast cravings.

Sometimes it’s tough to go through the whole school year just eating microwavable food and take out meals, but the Multifunction Breakfast Deluxe gives you a piece of home in your room and allows you to have more cooking freedom. Why can’t cooking be done in a dorm room?

3-in-1By combining a coffee maker, stove top and toaster oven, the Multifunction Breakfast Deluxe will save you space in your room and allow you to have your favorite meal of the day, anytime of the day.

For a limited time from July 24, 2015 until August 24, 2015, Dorm Room Movers is teaming up with Dorm Co to give one Dorm Room Movers customer a FREE 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Delux. All you have to do is register for for one of our Ship to College packages in the mentioned time frame and you’ll be entered to win this awesome 3-in-1 product!

Which way to the Grill?


Summer means more backyard parties, pooltime and family get togethers, a.k.a. more grilling! Now is the usual time for people to have BBQs and serve up some delicious grilled food. If it’s your turn to host and you’re already sick of the typical grilled meal like burgers and hot dogs, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a few of our favorite unique things to grill this summer…

#1 Grilled Cabbage Wedges- This recipe is a unique take on a grilled salad. It mixes the crunch texture of cabbage with a spicy lime dressing file with cayenne and cilantro. Forget the classic cesar this time and go wild.

#2 Bacon and Brussel Sprout Scewers- Sure, everyone loves a veggie scewer, but they traditionally consist of zuchinni or peppers. Why not switch it up and go with the newly popular brussel sprout? The veggie will get a nice crunch on the outside and people may just be surprised about how much they like it. Not to mention, how can it be bad if theres bacon on it?

#3 Grilled peaches & Cream- Who says dessert has to be a premade cake or tray of vanilla cupcakes? This recipe is pretty simple to make and has a fun twist on an old recipe. Just grill the peaches for a few minutes and mix up the ingrediants to make the maple honey marscapone cheese filling. Stuff the peaches, and you’re ready to serve!

#4 Spinach Stuffer Portobellas- Calling all veggie lovers! This is a great subsitute for grilled chicken or a burger, or can even be added a side dish. Feel free to add any exra yummy fillings and make your own variation on this recipe using different cheeses or extra veggies.

#5 BBQ Meatball Onion Bombs– Yes, this recipe is as good as it sounds. Picture a meatball rolled up into an onion and then wrapped with bacon and brushed with barbeque sauce. Drooling permitted. Although this recipe does require a bit more preparation then some of the others on the list, it may be worth it if it sounds like something your guests would love.

to Go Greek, or not to Go Greek: that is the question


There are a lot of factors that go in to a big decision such as whether or not you should join Greek life on campus, but how do you know if going Greek is right for you? Well, you may not know until you go through the process, or even join a chapter. You can,  however, think about things a little more in depth beforehand to know what you may be getting yourself in to.

Cost- Sometimes sororities and fraternities are a large financial commitment. Between school costs like books, residence hall rent, food and other necessities, you may not have room in your bank account to go Greek. Do a bit more research and maybe even make a spreadsheet detailing your expected expenses for school this year. If you stick to your budget or plan to get a summer and school year job, that could definitely help out with yearly dues for the chapter of your choice.

Involvement-  There are tons of clubs on campus to get involved with so if you think joining a chapter may not be your thing, you always have other options. If you do choose to go through recruitment, your sorority or fraternity may introduce you to a new philanthropy interest or fun activity on campus that you may not have known about otherwise.

Friends-Who are you coming to college with? If you have a large group of friends from high school going to the same college as you who are all not planning on going through recruitment, that may sway you towards not doing it too. You’ll always be BFFs with your highschool friends, but it also may be nice to branch out.  If you’re coming to college not knowing a single person, going through recruitment may really help you meet some new friends in a fast and easy way.

Balance- College is a lot different from high school. There’s a ton more studying, writing, testing and everything else you can imagine. Between all of your classes, you don’t want to get lost in your social life. You’re living with so many people that are your age and it’s hard to concentrate and really set your priorities sometimes when so much is going on around you. Sit down and really figure out if you can balance both your studies and joining a chapter as sometimes rushing a sorority or fraternity can be a very time consuming commitement. As long as you get your assignments done before you attend weekly chapter, meetings and activities, you shouldn’t have a problem.


TGIF: Get Prodcutive this weekend


The weekend is here, which usually means it’s time to make plans with friends, relax and take a break, but sometimes it’s nice to be productive and get some things done that have been weighing on your shoulders lately. Here’s a few reminders of what can always be done:

Messy? Me? No way…

It’s tough moving back and fourth from school and home each year. There’s tons of stuff to put away and it’s like you have two bedrooms that you’re going between. If you havent unpacked completely from school, or a recent trip, this weekend could be the one that changes it all. Organizing you room, hanging up your clothes and doing that pile of laundry may bring some more balance in your life. Plus, it never hurts to do something small to get your mom to stop nagging you (Am I right?;))

DIY, but actually.

You probably have a Pinterest board with of tons of projects that you want to accomplish this summer. Whether it’s crafting some cute sorority letters for your future little or making something awesome for your new room, this weekend could be a great chance to get that done. Pick one or two proects you’ve been eyeing, head to the local craft store and explore your artsy side!

But school doesn’t start until next month!

Just because you’re out of school right now doesn’t mean you can’t get prepared and ready for the upcoming Fall semester. Take a few hours this weekend and make sure you know which classes and professors you want to take for next semester. If you didn’t clean out your notebooks, now is the time to recycle the things you won’t need and go through your documents to see what notes you may want to save.



Eat Sweet & Stay Fit


There’s no hiding it- bathing suit season is here, which means people are cutting down on calories and amping up those workouts. In college some students tend to eat more junk food during the school year and swap the gym out for studying and social events. Summer is really a time where a lot of people like to focus on getting their healthy lifestyle back in action but coming from experience, that sweet tooth might not go away completely. Why eliminate sweets completely when you can make healthier desserts? Here are a few of our favorite recipes..

1. Tropical Kiwi Strawberry Spring Rolls– A fun twist on what seems to be similar to a fruit salad. This can be a great activity to do with friends or a perfect handheld dessert to serve at a party. Feel free to swap out any of the fruits for some of your other favorites to switch the recipe up.

2. Raspberry Frozen Yogurt– Did someone say Froyo? That’s right. You can make your own healthy frozen treat and put whatever topings you’d like on it right at home. With just four ingredients total, this sweet treat is one blend away from leaving your tummy happy. You can also get some variety in the dessert by adding some of your other favorite fruits to the mix.

3. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Dip– This recipe takes your childhood favorites like aunts on a log, or apples dipped in peanut butter, to a whole new level. Combine a few ingredients in a bowl, chop up some cellery, apples or bananas you you’re done. You now have yourself a delicious dip for any occasion.

What to do indoors this summer


During the summer it’s fun to do things outside but when those temperatures get too high or the humidity goes up, it can make you want to hibernate. Here are a few things you can do inside this summer:

1. See a movie- There are tons of new movies coming out this summer so meet up with a friend and go check one of them out. If everyone is busy, try going alone for a change. Our picks: Inside Out, Jurassic World, Ted 2, Trainwreck and Self/less

2. Get active- Check out what you have near you that’s indoors. Things like bowling, rock climbing or indoor mini golf can be a new way to stay cool while being active at the same time.

3. Take a new class- It’s always exciting to try something new. Check out your local gym or studio for a different workout class, or find a cooking or art class. You can always use a new hobby, right?

4. Sight See- Maybe there’s an awesome museum or place you’ve never been to in your home town. Take advantage of it and play tourist for a few days.

5. Read a book- During the school year you have so much on your plate between reading, studying and writing papers. It’s likely that you forgot about that book you downloaded on your kindle months ago. Pick it back up and start to read something you chose for a change.

best close summer trips you can take


It’s summer, it’s July and it’s time to do something spontaneous! Why not plan a trip? It’s hard to book a last minute vacation across the country or travel abroad without the price sky rocketing, so it may be best to stay close.

Here are our top 3 types of places to travel to:


#1 The Water – Weather you live close to a beach or lake, take a trip and feel some fresh water. Places like California and Florida are known for their beaches, and areas in the South or back east have tons of awesome lakes! Our advice? Rent a house  or get a hotel room with some of your crew and try to meet new friends with a boat!

#2 The Mountains – If you’re from somewhere hot, a green getaway with cooler temperatures can be just what you need. Either check out some hotels nearby or bring your tent and sleeping bag for an outdoor adventure.

#3 Festival Sites – Music, art and food are just 3 types of festivals out there. Try checking out a nearby state or city’s calendar to get the scoop on some new and exciting events to attend.


Fourth of July Fashions


Whether you’re hosting a party, attending one or just spending the day on the water, you want to dress the part for July Fourth. The obvious colors to wear are red, white and blue but that doesn’t mean you need to wear the typical American Flag shirt. Here’s 3 ways to get creative this year!

#1 Kisses- If you’ve been waiting to test out that new red lipstick you’ve had for a few months but haven’t gotten the courage to put it on, July Fourth is the day to do it! Dare to be bold with a statement lip. If you don’t have any red clothing to wear, this is a perfect solution! Our favorites: Mac’s Ruby Woo & COVERGIRL’s Really Red 

#2 Head of the Party- Feel like throwing on an all white outfit, but looking to get that red and blue in there too? Try purchasing an American flag turban headband. It’ll be patriotic-chic and you can wear it year after year.

#3 Nailed it- Maybe you’re not huge in to the whole “wear red white and blue” clothing thing, but you want to show your pride some other way. Try having some fun with your nails this week. You can do a full stripes and starts getup, or you can keep it simple and just follow the color scheme.

Keeping it Smooth- Smoothie Recipes for the summer

blog6:25Summer can be hot…really hot. Temperatures in some states surpass  100 degrees and certain states even have added humidity with that heat. That kind of weather can only mean one thing- smoothie season!

Here are our 5 favorite smoothie recipes for this summer:

Go Green: This green monster smoothie mixes greens like spinach and kale with tropical fruits to make a refreshing and healthy green smoothie.

Dessert Please: You’ll want seconds with this healthy cake batter smoothie recipe. Forget the ice cream and have fun with some sprinkles and cake mix on a hot summer night.

Breaky Treat: Sick of the same old scrambled eggs? Wake up tomorrow morning with a breakfast energy smoothie. The berries and orange juice will give you the vitamins and energy you need for the day!

Fruity Fun: No need to fix something that isn’t broken. If you’re a fruit smoothie kinda person, stick with what you know. Watermelon and strawberry will be the perfect blend!

Cup of Caffeine: If you’re a coffee lover, then why not put some coffee in your smoothie this summer? Spice it up and make a toasted coconut coffee smoothie to try something new.

Summer Loving

blog6:23Summer can be a great time to meet a significant other. Whether your new mate is an old flame that has rekindled, someone new and exciting you’ve just met or a person that you never expected to like, summer romances can be fun yet also confusing. The first question that comes to mind is if this is just a summer fling or if it will last through the fall and beyond.

But, how do you know if it is just a summer fling? We’ve got you covered with 3 things you should consider.

#1 Connection- Do you tell each other everything and anything about your lives or does it stay pretty surface with your new beau? If your relationship is strictly physical, this may not be the relationship you think it is. If you’re partner seems really invested in you and finding out new things to build a deep and solid bond, it may be something more than just a casual fling.

#2 Future Plans- Do you talk about plans past the summer? Maybe your new boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t go to your school- does that mean you’ve talked about being long distance or visiting one another? If you guys haven’t discussed this yet, it may be time to have that talk. This could be awkward at first, but it’s probably better to know now, instead of getting hurt later.

#3 Labels- Not that you have to be labeled to make it more than a summer fling, but it does solidify things a bit when you address the elephant in the room of what you two are. If you haven’t yet, that doesn’t mean it won’t last. Other things may show that your partner thinks of you more seriously, like introducing you to their family and friends or putting in effort to show that they care.