Sweater Weather


The temperature is dropping but you still have to walk 15 minutes to class in the chilly morning air, so it’s time to throw on one of your trusty sweaters.  It’s hard to find the perfect sweater that’s not too bulky, but still keeps you warm.  Here are a few of our favorite kinds of sweaters for this winter!

The Cable Knit– This chunky and textured style will keep you warm and cozy!

The Cardigan– There are TONS of cardigans out there with different colors and patterns, but this particular one keeps it classic and will go with just about anything!

The Oversized– Throwing on a larger sweater over leggings or jeans is easy and can go from day to night with just a simple accessory change!

The Poncho– This is your chance to show some style. Ponchos come in so many awesome different graphic patterns, so you just have to choose the one that fits your individual taste.

The Plaid- Who doesn’t love a good flannel? Unfortunately they don’t always keep you super warm, so try to experiment with a plaid sweater instead of the usual button down! You’ll get to wear the same pattern, but stay warmer.


Panini Please!


When you live in a dorm, the options of what you can cook are pretty minimal. One of the meals that you can make in your dorm room that contains protein and vegetables is a sandwich but with the weather cooling down, a cold sandwich may not be that appetizing. For fall and winter, why not switch over to making a panini? You’ll still get to include all of your favorite ingredients and it’ll warm you up! Here are some of our favorite panini recipes…

Grilled Cheese with Avocado and Tomato– Consider this an adult twist on a childhood favorite. You can add some healthy ingredients and upgrade your classic grilled cheese.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana– Is this breakfast, dessert or lunch? That decision is totally yours. The sweet flavors will take you back in time and the peanut butter will give you that protein your body needs.

Buffalo Chicken– In the mood for wings? This panini will definitely satisfy your craving. Put on the football game, cut up some celery and enjoy!

Ham and Pineapple- You don’t have to wait for delivery to get that delicious flavor combination. This is a sandwich take on a Hawaiian pizza and boy does it deliver!

Spicy Italian– In the mood for a hearty meat sandwich? Look no further. Between the ham, spicy salami and capicollo, you’ll be full and making this again soon!

How to Relax at College


When you’re in college, you’re constantly around other people. Whether you’re in  your room, at class or in the library, it’s hard to get some time alone to yourself and sometimes that’s all you need. Here’s a few things to do alone that can get you away from the crowd and in relaxation mode.

Go to a movie- Movie theaters are dark and talking is pretty much shunned, so this might be the perfect escape. Treat yourself to some popcorn and put your feet up on the empty chair in front of you. You’ll be so distracted by the plot of the movie, you won’t even be thinking about that chem test tomorrow!

Get your nails done- Nothing says relaxation quite like a nice pedicure. As a college kid budget is always a worry, but splurging every now and then isn’t bad for you. If you’re not super into the whole foot massage thing, give yourself an at-home pedi and spa night!

Check out off campus- It’s great to have so many people your own age around you but with the hustle and bustle, it can be hard to keep up. Check out a bookstore or lunch spot off campus so you can get away from the moving and shaking for a few minutes.

How to cope with homesickness


Feeling homesick? Going away to college can be tough. You’re separating yourself from your old life completely and not near your family to help you through it. Here’s a few things you can do to keep a positive attitude.

In with the old

Just because you are at college doesn’t mean your whole life has to be turned upside down. Did you have something you liked to do with your family or a certain thing you did every day? Whether it’s reading a good book or browsing funky little shops, keep doing it! Continuing to do these things will make you feel like you’re the same person and help you feel more at home.

Get Moving

Try not to get in a routine where you are just going to class, coming home and slipping back into bed each day. Working out will  produce something called serotonin, which creates endorphins and those will help to improve your mood! Fit in that morning yoga class, take a study break at the campus gym or even bike around campus to get that heart rate up.

Keep in Contact

With your busy schedule of class, studying and other social obligations, it may feel like you and your family are ships passing in the night, but try to avoid that. Make time to know what is going on in their lives. Create a family group text or schedule some video chat sessions to keep up with what’s new. You may not have had to schedule time before, but it will come in handy now!

Stay Busy

This may be easy to do since you probably have something you can be doing at all times, but keeping your mind off of being homesick may really work. Spend time getting to know people in your dorm and trying out new clubs or seeing sights around campus.

Be Positive

It may be difficult not to be negative at a time where you are sad or missing your family and friends from back home, but try to push those negative thoughts out and replace them with positive ones! Pick a quote of the day each day to remind yourself how great it is to be at school and experiencing new things. Check out Pinterest for inspiration.

pumpkin spice & everything nice


Fall is here and that means pumpkin spice is back and just as delicious as we remembered it. Grabbing coffee a few times a week can really add up and eat into your college budget, which might make you think about how else you can get that yummy pumpkin spice flavor without going to Starbucks everyday. Why not try some fun pumpkin spice recipes in your own kitchen? Check out a few of our favorites below…

Pumpkin Spice Popcorn– Popcorn is usually a dorm-friendly snack and even a bit healthier than most, so why not add a little pumpkin to spice it up? (See what we did there?)

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer– Just because you don’t want to spend money on Starbucks, doesn’t mean you can’t have pumpkin spice coffee! This DIY creamer is dairy-free, but you can swap out the milk to customize the recipe to your liking.

Pumpkin Spice Whip Dip– Planning on having some friends over this weekend? This easy dip will be a crowd pleaser and it’s so easy to make, you can do it in between your classes.

Pumpkin Banana Protein Shake– This is a great recipe to have for breakfast when you’re running out of the house, or even for a healthy late night dessert.

Skinny Pumpkin Energy Bites– It’s tough to find healthy study snacks that also give you energy, but look no further. These energy bites will take away your sweet tooth cravings, while keeping you healthy at the same time.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake– Mug cakes are so popular in the dorms, but have you ever seen a pumplin spice recipe for one? Well, you have now! This dorm-friendly snack is perfect for a Netflix and chill night in.

Pumpkin Spice Truffles– This is a great recipe if you want to give your friends a little Fall treat. They don’t take too long to make and there will be pleanty to share.

Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats– If it’s getting chilly and the mornings are getting crisp, you may want to retire that cereal and move on to warm and toasty oatmeal. This recipe makes oatmeal fun!

Not for eating:

Pumpkin Spice Soap & Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub– Maybe you don’t love the flavor of pumpkin spice, but you do love the scent, or maybe you just can’t get enough of pumpkin spice and want to have it in every aspect of your life. These DIY recipes are easy and will leave you smelling like an autumn day!

Prep for your first test

It’s time for the first exam of the year, but don’t stress! We’ve got your study formula below!
Make a study schedule

Do you study better at night or during the day? Don’t wait until the last minute to find out. Start studying a week or two leading up to the test instead of pulling an all nighter the night before your test. Getting organized ahead of time will help you prepare and cut out procrastination.

Gather your materials

What exaclty is your exam going to cover? Be sure to collect all of your notes from lectures and readings to study. Make notecards to cover everything or put a study guide together so you can bring your study materials wherever you go.

Prep the snacks

If you plan on surviving on coffee or candy during your study times, think again. It’s important to have real food and water so that you can stay hydrated and get all of the nutriets you normally get. Check out some study snacks to prepare before you head to the library.

 Find a study buddy

Sometimes it’s easier to get motivated if you have someone to study with. Look around your class and introduce yourself to someone. You can work seperately or quiz eachother on the material for the exam.

Hidden Healthy Habits


blog9:18When you’re away at college, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the social and academic commitments that you’re making. You’re going from one place to the next and may not even have time to think about your health. We’ve come up with 5 ways to lead a healthier lifestyle without making any drastic alterations to your daily life.

#1 Drink water

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to drink water during the day, but try carrying around a water bottle or tumbler cup with you to class. Water has tons of health benefits that could help you in the long run. Also, don’t forget to chug a few glasses before bed after that long night out. Your body will thank you tomorrow.

#2 Skip the elevator

Chances are that your dorm and all of your classes are not going to be on the first floor, so why not take the stairs to get to them? This will allow you to work in some cardio activity during your day without even having to go to the gym.

#3 Listen to your body

You know yourself better than anyone else, so listen to your body when it’s telling you that you need a rest. It’s great to be involved, but not at a cost to your health. Carve out time for a few relaxing “me” moments in your day to reduce stress. Try downloading a good book on your tablet, listening to some music on the way to class or even taking a small nap in between class and studying. Relaxation may improve your mood, attention span and even help you sleep better.

#4 Eat veggies

The late night pizza and dessert probably satisfy your cravings but they may hurt you in the long run. Add some veggies in your daily routine by bringing veggies as snacks to eat when you’re out and about for the day, or even by swapping out one of your meals each day for a healthier option like a salad. Once you start adding veggies and slowly subtracting those greasy fried foods, you may see a difference in the way you feel and look.

#5 Protect your skin

When you’re in college, you’re probably walking around campus a ton, and that means that you’re in the sun a lot. If you know you’re going to be walking or biking a lot that day, grab a hat to wear, put on sunscreen or even buy make up with sunscreen already in it. The SPF will help to prevent skin cancer and keep your skin healthy.

Welcoming yourself to College


So, you’ve started school and gotten a lay of the land. You know where your classes are, made friends with some people in your dorm and even settled into college life. Do you think you have you fully embraced school yet? Going with the motions of your everyday life may make you forget that you’re actually at this amazing University and to take every moment in. Below is a list of 3 things to do to whole heartedly accept your college life.

#1 Start Reading

No, we’re not talking about reading your college books and reading assignments, (although you should do that too) but we are tlaking about your college paper. Reading the student publication in print or online will keep you in the loop about what’s happening on campus and you can start to see what your college is all about.

#2 Go Team!

Not a huge football fan? Wait for baseball or tennis season to roll around, but get to a game! It doesn’t matter what your favorite sport is, but you should try and go to a game of some sort to find out what it’s like. Embrace the spirit and rock your school’s colors to get the full experience. If it’s not your thing after the first one no big deal, but atleast you tried!

#3 Join in

There are so many social and academic clubs on campus, so why not take advantage of atleast one? Try as many out as you want until you find one you like. You’ll meet new friends, branch out and maybe even find something you never knew you were interested in.

school supplies you can’t live without


Adhesive page markers

These can come in handy when you’re doing your reading assignments. Since you probably want to sell your books back at the end of the year, you may not want to write all over the pages. The markers will help you decipher what items you need to go back and stud,y and point out the important parts of your readings.


This item is a given, but it really does help with organization in or out of school. Having all of your assignments, tests and other commitements laid out on a planner infront of you will help you be sure that nothing will slip through the cracks. If someone asks you to hang out on Thursday night, gotta check that planner before you say yes. You may just find out you have a quiz on Friday morning! More of a technological person? Try downloading an app for your phone that helps you keep track of everything instead!

Tablet or laptop

Everything is pretty much done on a computer these days. They come in handy for research, grade tracking, turning in assignments and even taking notes. Some people enjoy hand writing their notes but if you’re into typing everything up, bringing a laptop or smaller tablet is a necessity for your school supply list.


Even though highlighters may seem like a simple school supply, they can definitely assist you in studying. If your professor prints out their syllabus or notes, or you print out your notes to study, using a highlighter can definitely draw your attention to what exactly is important.

avoiding germs in the dorms


#1 Shower Shoes: If you don’t have your own bathroom, using shower shoes could help keep your feet clean and eliminate the spreading of the shower germs. Rememeber to wear them to the shower, in the shower and even on the way back. They may seem dorky and trivial but there are tons of germs that spread in the shower.

#2 Sanitize: There are probably a few people that go in and out of your room on most days so remember to sanitize items that may be touched a lot. Things like door knobs, light switches and computers that are touched by your roommates or friends could easily spread germs. Keep a pack of sanitizing wipes in your drawer and wipe those things down a few times a week.

#3 Leave nothing behind: You may have a little walk to your bathroom but bringing your stuff like toothbrush, floss, rinse cup etc. each time instead of leaving it on the dirty counter is probably a good idea. Leaving your stuff next to other people’s items may limit your toothbrush’s exposure to germs. Try getting a small shower caddy so you can just bring the caddy to the bathroom with you each time.

#4 Dont share: We were all taught that sharing is caring, but maybe not in this case. Try to keep to your own forks and cups when you’re hanging out with your friends. Even though your friends may not be sick at that very second, they may be carying a virus or expose you to something they are going to come down with in a few days

 #5 Keep Clean: Don’t be one of those people that only washes their sheets twice a semester. Try to clean your dorm every now and then to keep the germs out. That carpet under your bed is collecting lots of icky stuff, so remember to make an effort to vacuum, change your sheets and dust stuff like your desk, pictures and fans to keep a clean and healthy room.