America’s favorite sport is back!


It’s that time of year again- FOOTBALL SEASON! Starting this week, get ready for school spirit, fun times and some good old fashioned college football.

Not sure how to prepare? We’ve got you covered.

#1 Stock up on the new gear- If you’re going to the game, you gotta be repping your team. Treat yourself to a jersey or cut up a fun design in a standard shirt. You can even get creative and sport flash tattoos, sunglasses or even paint your hair (or body) for the game. We can just feel the dedication.

#2 Get your tickets- This one may be obvious. If your school offers a season pass and you KNOW you’ll be one of the die hard fans attending every single game through rain or shine, make sure you have your pass all figured out. If you’re not really up for spending a ton of money or don’t want to sit in the student section, you can always buy a few tickets here and there to the games you feel like attending. If you plan on watching the game somewhere else, make sure you get the correct channel.

#3 Plan the tailgate- Some may argue the tailgate is even more fun than the actual game…don’t worry, we won’t tell. Decide on where you are tailgating and make a plan with your friends. Do you plan on wandering around or do you have a specific friend’s tailgate you want to go to? Remember that the whole campus is probably preparing the same kind of tailgate you are, so it may be wise to head to the store ahead of time before all of the hotdog buns and red cups are out.

September Snacks


Class is in session, dorms are full and you’re officially surviving college. Are you sick of Ramen soup, microwave quesadillas and delivery pizza yet? If you are, try experimenting in the coming month with some new flavors. We’ve compiled 5 dorm-friendly recipes for delicious snacks to experiment with. If you’re still getting adjusted, we suggest taking on one per week!

#1 Apple Cookies– This healhty alternative to a cookie will satisfy your sweet tooth and can be made in no time. Switch up the recipe by adding new toppings each time!

#2 Raw Zucchini Sushi Rolls– Why go to a restaurant to have sushi when you can make it yourself? This snack will be a fun study break and keep your diet balanced by adding some veggies in your routine.

#3 Breakfast Cereal Bars– Sick of spending money for a bagel every morning when you’re running late? Prepare some no-bake cereal bars for an on-the-go snack or breakfast. Your tummy will be smiling, and so will your bank account!

#4 Crispy Kale Chips– Chips are definitely a staple snack, but they aren’t known to be the healthiest thing. Experiment by making your own out of kale right in the microwave. Be sure to make extra, we have a feeling your friends will want some too!

#5 Oatmeal Rasin Energy Bites– Are you an oatmeal rasin cookie fan? If so, you came to the right place. These soft and chewy energy bites taste like the real deal and aren’t too hard to make!

Be Proactive this semester


Depending on the college you are attending, classes have already started or will begin in the next few weeks. You have the choice to make this semester the one where you get that 4.0 GPA you’ve always wanted and achieve all of your goals you made for the year. Here’s a few ways to start the process:

1# Plan: It’s the oldest trick in the book, but using your planner or phone calendar really can come in handy. Start your semester off by laying out all of your assignments and exams. You will know what is coming up and it will allow you to accurately plan an appropriate amount of time for completion and studying beforehand. If you’re not really crazy about paper planners, try downloading a fun calendar app to help you stay organized.

#2 Meet & Greet: Go out of your way to introduce yourself to your professors and teacher assistants. They will generally have office hours where you could go in and ask questions or just say hi. If you are a bit shy, wait until the first assignment is due and then go in beforehand with any questions you have. This will show your professor that you are committed and making the effort to dive deeper in to your studies.

#3 Be Punctual: Who wants to be that person who is 15 minutes late and disrupts the entire class? The stares from other classmates as you walk all the way to the only seat left in the middle of the front row could be brutal. You want the professor to know you for good traits, not bad ones. Try your hardest to be on time and attend class regularly. You’ll get notes and insight you wouldn’t otherwise have, and you may even get a heads up on a quiz coming up.

Roommate Ice Breakers


When you first move in with someone, things can be a bit awkward. You may not know eachother that well, or even at all, but the reality is that you will be with this person a lot for atleast the next two semesters. Why not make an effort to actually get to know your roommate? Here’s a few ice breakers to try…


You will likely know who your roomie is before move in so make the effort to email, call or even connect on social media. Talking beforehand could make you feel more comfortable with the idea before you even meet and you may learn some things about who they are before your first day of sleeping in the same room as them. Find out when they are going to campus and who is going to get what for the room, then see where the conversation goes and if it flows.


Doing something like decorating your room together may help you bond. You will both be unpacking and hanging things up at the same time, so maybe talk about what should go where and if there should be some sort of color scheme or theme for your room. Working together will help you both feel like you’ve added something to the room and help it to feel like both of you are at home in the space.


If you are both freshman, chances are you aren’t too familiar with where everything is on campus. Take an outing together and map out your classes to explore the campus. Maybe you’ll find that you’re around the same spot and be able to meet up for coffee in between your classes. If either of you came to college knowing people, try introducing the other to your friends.


How do you expect to get to know someone if you don’t ask them questions? Try to get them to open up and find some stuff out about them. What do they like and dislike? What is their major? What classes are they excited for? What time do they typically go to bed? Building on things like these as well as favorite TV shows, movies, music etc. will help you find some common ground and give you a base friendship.

Freshman Fitness


The idea of taking on endless amounts of studying and homework, mixed with swapping out mom’s homemade cooking for pizza delivery and poptarts may make you forget about your physical fitness and health for a little bit. College is a transition in all aspects of your life and you are constantly growing, so why not make a healthy change? If you had a fitness routine at home, keep up the work at your new school. If you weren’t active at home, now can be your chance to fix that. Below are 5 ways you can stay active at College…

Find a buddy If you meet a new friend who is looking to get fit,  make some workout meeting times with them. Having someone else that is on the same path as you will make you more motivated and you may even feel further obligated to stay on track and be committed.

Explore Campus- There are probably so many parts of your campus that you haven’t seen yet. Put on your shoes and take a jog or walk around to see everything.  Maybe you can find a few different paths you like and make it a weekly routine.

Check out the Gym- If your campus has a gym, take a look around and see what will fit with your style. Maybe they offer some free classes that you’ve been wanting to try. Now is the chance to take the opportunity and run with it. (See what we did there?)

Venture off campus- If you’re not looking to see your friends or classmates at the gym, then search for something more your speed off campus. There are probably tons of local gyms, specialized studios and hiking trails close to campus that will fit your needs.

Bike- Maybe you don’t have much time between studying and classes so you have to be active in the small down time you have. Expiriment with biking to your classes and see where that gets you. It will save you time and you’ll also be working out a little.

Roomies Rule…Right?


You already have to worry about classes, books, being away from  home and moving somewhere completely new, so why add the stress about having a roommate in the mix? Check out the following 3 tips to make your new roomie situation a positive experience!
#1 Chat before move in

Did you meet your roommate online, at school or have you known them forever? Whatever the case may be, you will more than likely know who your new roommate is before the day of move in. Take the time to reach out and plan some stuff before you get to school. Maybe decide on a room theme or see what time they are moving in so that you can coordinate with them.

#2 Creat Some Ground Rules

Whether you want to suggest a formal roommate contract or just verbally layout some important things to each of you, it’s good to get it all out on the floor before things potentially go wrong. It doesn’t have to be super formal, but try to tell your roommate(s) what is off limits or what your expectations for the year are. If they don’t match up with your new roomies ideals, you guys may need to get more in to the nitty gritty of it all.

#3 Actually Try

Remember, this is probably a learning process for the both of you. If this is your freshman year of college chances are that neither of you have experienced this process before. Things may be a little rocky at first, but put aside some valuable time to make the effort to get to know eachother. Hopefully you’ll be able to get along or maybe even be friends. It is nice to be BFF with your roomie, but you don’t have to be. As long as you are both respectul and civil, things can go just as well.

Don’t Get Schooled


Whether this is your first semester of college EVER, or you are returning for your 2nd, 3rd or 4th year, getting adjusted to college life can be difficult. You always have a ton going on and it may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips on how to make the transition a bit easier…

#1 Balance your time  When you go to college for the first time, or back to college after your first year, it may be hard to get back in the habit of balancing your study and social time. During summer vacation, you may have had a lot of free time to do whatever you want and you probably will still have a ton of free time after and before classes. It’s important to focus on school atleast part of that time and not to lose sight of why you are at college to begin with. Make a schedule to stick to or get your assignments and studying done before you hang with friends on the weekdays so you can still reach those GPA goals you made.

#2 Evaluate your classes The first few weeks of the semester are important because you only have a short amount of time to figure out which classes you want to drop. Take these few weeks to decide what you want to do and which classes you feel like you should stay in. Look at the syllabus and decide if the outlined coursework was what you thought it would be. This is your chance to ask the professor or teacher’s aid any questions you have. If you were hoping to get in to a class that was full, use this time to see if you can get in now.

#3 Get Out There You’ve been back in your bubble, a.k.a your hometown, allllll summer long. Seeing your family and your old friends from high school school was fun, but don’t let missing them get in the way of your new semester. Use these first few weeks to put yourself out there and try something new. Even if you’re coming back knowing a ton of people at college, think about branching out a bit. There are tons of clubs and organizations to join on campus, so why not take advantage of that? These groups could introduce you to new friends and future career opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Labor Day Weekend


Labor Day weekend could mean the end of your summer is near or that your school year has just begun, but either way it means you have all day Monday to do WHATEVER you want. It may seem like Spetember is still far away, but Labor Day is just about 3 weeks from now so it may be time to start brainstorming ideas of what to do.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

Go Camping: The weather may be getting a bit cooler so why not pack a tent and take a roadtrip with your friends? Camping could be a great way to have a fun reunion with your friends and hear all about their summer adventures. Did someone say S’mores?

Find the Water: Whether your school is close to a beach, lake or river, cooling down by the water could be the perfect excuse for a fun getaway. Try to get a group to take a trip and soak up the last of the summer sun.

Plan a BBQ: Just because it’s a 3-day weekend doesn’t mean you need to head out of town to have a good time. If you feel like staying put after just getting to campus, try to plan a get together with your friends. You’ll get to reminisce about last year and make plans for the coming one.

Do Nothin': It’s a holiday weekend, so what? Spend the 3 days off relaxing and catching up on some much needed chill time. Take care of that leftover decorating or shopping for your dorm and order a pizza to your room with some friends.

Honey, I’m home!


#1 Bring stuff from home

Just because you’re leaving home doesn’t mean you have to leave everything behind. Bring things like photos of family and friends, your favorite blanket from the couch or decorative items that remind you of your home.

# 2 Stock up on food

Go shopping and grab some snacks or options for meals. Having a full mini fridge or snack tote may make you feel like you can really start to live in your dorm and call it your own space

#3 Decorate with your roomie

If you aren’t used to sharing a room, this may be the time to start adjusting. Spend time and put effort in to decorating your room and putting your own personal touches on the design. This may make you feel more comfortable and like it really is your own space.

#4 Meet your neighbors

When living in a dorm, you’re bound to have tons of people around at all times. Go down the hall and meet everyone on your floor and introduce yourself to people on the other floors in your building. These people have the potential to be your best friends for years to come and getting close to them is a chance to have a family away from home.

#5 Spend time there

Your dorm can look as pretty as you want it to, but sometimes it just still doesn’t feel like home. Try spending some actual time in your room and give it a chance. Do the same things you would do at home and see how it goes. Once that Apple TV gets hooked up and the popcorn is popping, you’ll feel at home lounging in your bed in no time.

Move In Madness


AH! Move in is here (or almost here) and you’re mind is going a mile a minute thinking about all of the stuff you need to do to get your room ready to the year. Here are a few things to remember during move in…

Keep calm

Move in can be pretty hectic with everyone around and all of your stuff scatered, so the main thing to remember is to take a deep breath and stay relaxed. Think of a way for you to calm yourself when you get stressed out like counting to 3, repeating a quote or phrase to yourself or even hanging a calming picture right when you get in your dorm.

Create a plan

It’s difficult to deal with the craziness on move in day, but if you have a plan it may be a little easier to handle. If you’re moving in with the help of your parents, figure out their agenda if they have one. Research your specific move in time and then plan when you need to leave your home in order to get to your dorm at the same time. Figure out when you’re going to pack up the car and talk to your roommate ahead of time to make sure you’re not going to be in eachother’s way.

Stay organized

One way to get overwhelmed is to start unpacking every box and suitcase at the same time…so we suggest doing the opposite. Try to make a list or label each box so that you know where your stuff is. If your family is helping you, divide and concor. Make sure your helpers have a box that they can organize without you so that you’re not getting frustrated bouncing back and fourth. Try going box by box for an organized flow.

Pace yourself

Just because it’s called “move in day” doesn’t mean everything has to be done that day. It’s hard to leave stuff unfinished and it’s nice to be moved in and not deal with it again, but don’t pressure yourself to finish that day if it’s getting overwhelming. You can take a trip to the store the next day to get those hooks or extra hangers and hang the pictures later this week. Take a break if you need one and listen to your body if it’s telling you to stop for the day.