10 Unique Hot Chocolate Recipes


Hot chocolate is a classic drink for the holiday season. It’s cold outside, you have chestnuts roasting on an open fire Netflix streaming and you’re all cozied up with blanket on the couch. After a few days in a row, drinking hot cocoa with whipped cream on it could get a little boring. This year spice up your hot chocolate recipes and try something new! Here are 10 new recipes to experiment with…

1. White peppermint– If you’re looking to take a break from the usual dark chocolate, take a stab at a creamy white chocolate drink with crushed peppermint candies.

2. Hot cocoa pancakes– Okay, so this is really venturing out. We know you can’t drink pancakes but hot chocolate for breakfast does sound good, right?

3. Maple bacon hot chocolate– The whole chocolate and bacon love affair has caught on like wildfire, so why not try it in your hot chocolate? Add a savory touch to your favorite drink and it’ll be transformed forever.

4. Hot chocolate cake pops– Handheld with no mess and all of the flavors. They’re also great for holiday parties or as gifts for friends and family.

5. Eggnog hot chocolate– So which is better, eggnog or hot chocolate? Now you don’t have to choose. Combine your two favorite winter drinks and prepare for greatness.

6. Frozen hot chocolate– If you have been to Serendipity and have had their famous frozen hot chocolate, then you know how good this is. If you haven’t been yet, then you are missing out and MUST try this recipe.

7. Red velvet hot cocoa with cream cheese whip cream– Who doesn’t love red velvet? This fun spin on hot chocolate will take your favorite cake or cupcake and put it in drink form. The cream cheese whip cream will be sure to put it over the edge.

8. Snickers hot chocolate– Are you sad Halloween is over and you didn’t even eat a Snickers? Now you still can. You’ll enjoy all of the peanut and caramel flavors while being warmed up from the chilly day.

9. Pumpkin spice hot chocolate– You carved them for Halloween and ate pies made out of them for Thanksgiving, so naturally pumpkin flavors must transfer through to the next holiday.

10. Gingerbread hot chocolate– Ginger, gloves and cinnamon all come together to form Christmas in a mug. This festive recipe will have you joyful for the rest of the year.

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