Gorgeous dorm room decor inspirations for fall semester 2019

A new school year is on the horizon and it’s time to view some extraordinarily dorm room decorations to inspire you for the coming semester.

Dorm Rooms are limited in space in terms of seating, especially when friends are over, but not only this dorm room is large enough to fit a couch, these students did it where it fits the beautiful decor. Brilliant.
Several things to highlight in this decor; custom wallpaper (check with your RA first), ottoman, and the double rugs.
Wonderful Earthly feel to this decor. The hanging lights is a beautiful addition.
Can’t go wrong with the classic white but let’s talk about that coffee table! Feels like a luxury apartment more than a dorm room!
Sometimes, simple is more and this is the perfect example of such.

Your dorm room will be your living space for the school year. It’s home away from home. We hope these decorations can inspire you to create something magical!

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