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Dorm Room Movers was founded by two Arizona State University graduates in 2007. Their goal was to help simplify the college moving process and make moving out of the dorm as effortless and simple as possible. Both of them experienced the grueling pain of renting a truck, hauling their belongings to and from various locations and storage facilities in the 100+ degree Phoenix heat. They knew there had to be a better way, and as a result Dorm Room Movers was born.

Our Core Values

Smell the Smoke Before the Fire
Smell the Smoke
Before the Fire

Our vigilance is in preparation to resolve a problem before it occurs. Being thorough and meticulous, we happily go the extra mile to ensure the best for everyone.

Innovate or Die
or Die

If we are not improving, then we are declining. If we are not growing, we are shrinking. Growth can be small or large, as long as we're committed to progress.

Connect & Provide Peace of Mind
Connect & Provide
Peace of Mind

We are a team comprised of compassionate individuals and we personally connect with our client to go above and beyond in sincere human connection.

End on a High Note
End on a
High Note

We provide great experiences and aim to leave every conversation smiling, in hope that you are too. We genuinely enjoy serving our customers and will continue to do so.

Our Team

Dorm Room Movers


Dorm Room Movers strives to honor the diverse journey of not just each student, but also our talented team of professionals and partners worldwide. By cultivating an inclusive work environment that fosters empathy and respect, we see behind boxes and belongings to deliver a high quality moving, storage & shipping experience.


We'll become the nation's most loved brand for personal moving and storage service, turning people's most painful transition into an effortless & fun experience.


We value our global environment and have taken every action to ensure that our boxes are 100% recyclable in order for all of us to feel good about the moves we make and the ability to give back.
Dorm Room Movers

How We Serve You

100,000+ student moves completed and 500,000+ items stored since 2007.
2,000,000+ sq ft of accessible storage space and more than 1,200 trucks spanning 31 states.
130+ schoools have chosen DRM as their offication moving and summer storage provider.

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