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Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction. As you can see both parents and students alike are in love with our services.

This is a fantastic service. Especially for parents who live out of town or out of state.This was an extremely organized process. The movers were great the overall experience was wonderful.We love Dorm Room Movers. Thanks

Ms. Jones Villanova University, Mother

love your service did a great jobs

P. Joseph SUNY at Binghamton, Student

I slept an average of 3 hours a night finals week. Without Dorm Room Movers I would have been too busy moving to get even that meager amount. The result: All A's and safe easy storage.

Steven Allen The University of Alabama, Student

Impress on the process of picking up and delivering things

Ms. Calinisan Northern Arizona University, Mother

I have used Dorm Room Movers the last 2 years. Its great, I live across the country and its nice not to have to worry about finding transportation and storage unit. Workers were friendly and on time. When I had a few questions the reps where very accommodating and helpful. Will use them every year until I graduate.

D. Hauserman University of Massachusetts Amherst, Student

I was very pleased with the ease of Dorm Room Movers. They arrived on time during move out as well as they delieved items upon move in as scheduled. Being from out of town this really saved us the hassel and time of finding storage on our own. I have recommened Dorm Room Movers to other parents

Ms. Kienzle University of Colorado at Boulder, Mother

Very good customer service and we had friendly moving men at pick up and drop off. Also, we stored a tall cart with wheels and I was afraid the wheels might get damaged -- they were perfectly intact!

Ms. Moffatt Marquette University, Mother

Really convenient and really easy. They take care of everything and take the stress out of moving! I've used them a couple times, and will continue to!

J. Wood University of Colorado at Boulder, Student

Worked really well but quite pricey. I live far from my school so I needed to use the service.

N. kao University of Iowa, Student

This is the best service model I have seen for students needed items moved from their living facilities!

Ms. Nissl The University of Texas at Austin, Mother

Very convenient and helpful

C. Menon University of Massachusetts Amherst, Student

It's a good idea and well executed.

S. Delamer Loyola University Maryland, Student

They are fast, on-time. You just need to be there then they will do everything for you.

J. Han University of Massachusetts Amherst, Student

Great customer service! My questions were answered throughly and quickly. I didn't have to wait around

N. Piekarski Marist College, Student

Super easy! Everything arrived perfectly. My son was happy, and so were my husband and I! Thanks!

Ms. Mustin New York University, Mother

It was really easy and took off a lot of stress I had about figuring out what to do with my stuff when I returned home over the summer. My boxes were in great condition when delivered 3 months after they picked them up.

Hayley C. University of Iowa, Student

Nearly flawless -- shipped my daughter the packing kit, picked up the boxes on schedule, stored 'em for 3 months, brought 'em back in excellent condition within the time-of-delivery window. Customer service via email and phone was awesome, too. Awesome all around.

Mr. Hoppe Auburn University, Father

Excellent service. The communication was great and the staff was very punctual and professional. If I need a mover again I will definitely call Dorm Room Movers!

Ms. Redmon University of Missouri Columbia, Mother

I like DormRoom Movers because its nice to have an extra helping hand when you don't have anyone to help you when they themselves are busy or are in bad health.

M. Chastain Purdue University, Student

Great and impressed. The best thing of this is that it's super convenient.

Y. Tu College of William and Mary, Student

I really like the service and the fact that you deliver to my room both times. I just wish you had a service where I could pay monthly or for the entire summer instead of per item.

C. Johnson Berklee College of Music, Student

I was very happy with Dorm Room Movers. They were very professional, the boxes arrived back in perfect condition. I would definitely use them again.

Ms. Allen The University of Texas at Austin, Mother

Very convenient, very good service, great experience!

E. Rodriguez Georgia Institute of Technology, Student

Very easy and efficient.

Ms. Jones The University of Alabama, Mother

Very reliable and considerate. I would recommend this to students who have a bunch of stuff and no where to store it.

Lizzie C. Trinity College, Student

As a parent this was the easiest and most cost effective way to store my daughter's stuff over the summer. It saved trips up 4 flights of steps, worry about where to store it, and figuring out how to get it back to her new room. Dorm Room movers was like magic. They made it disappear and then reappear. Recommend to any parent.

Ms. Perry Yale University, Mother

Dorm Room Movers is so easy! For out-of-state families, I think it's the best way to go with storage! The process is easy and the movers are precise and efficient. Thank you for making life so easy for the parents and the students!

Ms. Malynn The University of Texas at Austin, Mother

Excellent service and outstanding communication throughout the entire move process. Superior move coordination. Competitive price with high value. Will definitely use next year and would highly recommend.

Mr. Quirk Auburn University, Father

Everyone I talked to was super friendly and helpful and if they didn't know the answer they would try to figure it out instead of putting me through to someone else where I'd have to explain my situation all over again this seems little bit is very rare especially over the phone.

Helen Funk University of Colorado at Boulder, Student

That is a really efficient way to use Dorm Room Movers, and the price is reasonable.

J. Ji University of Iowa, Student

very convenient! reliable!

Ms. Martin Marquette University, Mother

We were extremely happy with the whole process. The people were cooperative, responsive and professional from actual dorm pickup through summer storage and delivery to the apartment. The movers were on time and incredibly helpful. We recommend dorm Room Movers. Thanks

Ms. Ginsburg University of Arizona, Mother

Everything I stored as left in one piece and handled with care. The movers were really nice and got my stuff up to my room. Really saved me some time and anxiety. Would recommend to any college student out there.

Y. Rozenfeld SUNY at Binghamton, Student

I highly recommend dorm room movers. Your website is easy to navigate, any additional questions were resolved quickly over the phone by your professional staff, deliveries were in time and your movers were extremely helpful. This is our third year using dorm room movers. Great job!

Ms. Chamberlin University of Southern California, Mother

The movers are friendly and the price is affordable :)

O. Sugiharto Michigan State University, Student

I was very impressed with how flexible they were with changing dates so that my daughter could have her boxes there before she arrived. We live in Florida and she goes to school in Massachusetts and planning a move 1200 miles away was quite easy using Dorm Room Movers. I will use them again this year and the next.

Ms. Pacillo University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mother

You guys took care of everything. You were on time and professional. During the pick-up as well as the delivery, all of my items were handled with care. Nothing was missing and it was a pleasure to leave the details to you. It truly felt like a concierge service and I will definitely use your services again.

Chantel George The University of Missouri, Student

Dorm Room Movers literally saved my life!! They are so awesome. So punctual, so reliable, I was so impressed with the service. They made the moving out process SO easy which I was so thankful for especially since it was during finals season! THANK YOU DORM ROOM MOVERS !!!!

A. burke College of William and Mary, Student

This is the third year I have used Dorm Room Movers! I am still satisfied. Thanks for making moving in and out of dorms/apartments 10x easier. Saved me and my family so much effort.

Debbie Aderinkomi Marquette University, Student

Good service 10/10

O. Akan University of Massachusetts Amherst, Student

The delivery service was perfect. Movers came on time, and all the fragile stuff were stored safely without any damage. My friend used other storage service (laz*****)and his items were delivered wet.

S. Park University of Wisconsin Madison, Student

The service was great and manager even went over and beyond when an unexpected conflict came up.

Ms. Prado University of Nevada Las Vegas, Mother

This made my student's move-out and move-in process so easy when it could have been a stressful time - I would definitely recommend Dorm Room Movers and will use again and again! Living out of state, this is the way to go.

Ms. King The University of Alabama, Mother

Easy for my daughter and good communications regarding reminders and delivery dates and times

Ms. Donchik Colby College, Mother

Being an out-of-state parent, Dorm Room Movers helped make moving my daughter easier. Always responsive to questions, friendly, and on time! Customer service is outstanding. This was our second year to work with Dorm Room Movers, and we will again.

Angie Jacobs The University of Texas at Austin, Mother

The service was great and the movers were friendly and helpful. I will use this service every year until my child graduates.

Ms. Pachon College of William and Mary, Mother

Awesome program! All you have to do is pack your boxes and the movers take care of the rest. I was very impressed with the service and highly recommend it to anyone living on campus that doesn't want to haul all their stuff home for the summer.

O. Cleveland Villanova University, Student

The movers were extremely considerate. They were even kind enough to help me re-package a few boxes in order to save money! I would definitely recommend Dorm Room Movers.

C. Walker University of Rochester, Student

I felt so safe leaving my stuff with DormRoom Movers for 3 months over the summer while I was gone. My phone calls were always answered with kindness and were extremely helpful in getting the information I needed.

T. Gergely Emory University, Student

The service made my life SO much easier. The delivery guys were very nice! I didn't have to lift a finger once they arrived. Overall great experience.

A. Ballesteros The University of Texas at Austin, Student

*****Everything was as promised.

Ms. Bender The University of Texas at Austin, Mother

Great service! Makes end of year so easy. Will use it for semester abroad storage soon.

Ms. Einhaus University of Maryland College Park, Mother

The is is the best service for a college student! My son has enough to worry about with all of his school work! Dorm room movers makes his life so much easier! He packs, they come pick it up and he is able to have a stress free life! We love it!

Ms. Beyer University at Buffalo, Mother

Well worth it and great service

Mr. Lee The University of Mississippi, Father

Dorm room movers is so convenient and makes moving a breeze. Living out-of-state can make moving into a new apartment hard. Dorm room movers makes it easy to store your stuff and not worry over the summer. Everyone who works for them is wonderful and make moving stress free.

Lindsay S. University of South Carolina Columbia, Student

Great and easy way to store my stuff over the summer!

M. Morrison University of Arizona, Student

was excellent! everything go very smooth .. i used them again! thank you.

Ms. Song University at Buffalo, Mother

Good service

Mr. Trusty The University of Alabama, Father

Comes in handy since my parents couldn't be there.

Y. Barkley Northern Arizona University, Student

It's a great service and relatively cheap for all the time they store and all the stuff they are able to keep for you. Works excellent for international students who travel back home and don't have a place to store everything without asking some third party to help you taking care of it.

B. Herrera Chapman University, Student

This is a great time saver! We live out of state and don't have time to load a dorm room and put in storage for the summer. Made it super easy!

Ms. Egly The University of Alabama, Mother

You guys are awesome. I could not be more pleased with the whole Dorm Room Movers experience. From the application process, to the on line chat help to the pick up and delivery. It was all Awesome! Thanks for making it so easy! I have told many friends!!

Sandie Dellacroce The University of Alabama, Mother

Really enjoyed the covenience of this service. I lived in Texas and go to school in Connecticut. It definitely saved me a lot of hassle, so I didnt have to move everything on my own.

E. Cumberbatch Quinnipiac University, Student

Awesome personal service. Thank you!!

I. Babbar, Aunt University of Maryland College Park, Aunt

Truly helpful service. Saved us time and money; as a result of this service, we didn't have to fly to help our son move out for summer. Using this service saved us a substantial amount of money and time. Loved it.

Ms. Overa University of South Carolina Columbia, Mother

I have been using Dorm Room Movers since my daughter has been going to college and I can say that it is always an easy transaction, our items are always picked up and delivered on time, and the pickup/delivery persons are always professional. I will continue to use Dorm Room Movers in the future.

Mr. Walker Arizona State University, Father

I've used Dorm Room Movers 2 years in a row now and their service is fantastic. They are always very professional and great with customer service.

C. Duron University of Arizona, Student

This company saved me a lot of time and money.

Tony Michigan State University, Student

Great movers who were early! Called us to let us know and had all of her stuff in her room within minutes. So great for people who live far from a school. Will definitely use year after year. Thanks!!

Ms. Newell College of William and Mary, Mother

Having our daughter attend school thousands of miles away from home Dorm Movers makes move-in & move-out less stressful for both parents & students! Thank you!!!

Ms. Tamura Creighton University, Mother

Everyone was truly genuine and enjoyable to talk with, polite yet personable. An amazing staff to work with your needs.

Alexandria McCall North Carolina State University, Student

Pick-up was super easy and convenient! For the drop-off, my day got messed up and I wasn't going to be available my selected time. But, Dorm Room Movers worked with me day-of to deliver my things at a time that worked for me! I wasn't even charged extra. Great customer service!

Jara Jacobson Ohio State University, Student

I loved this site it was the best choice for me moving cross country to go to school. And over the summer I stored all my things so I could easily move into my new apartment and not worry about the cost of shipping things or checking bags on a flight.

S. Bevando American University, Student

I left a testimonial under a previous comment section which you may certainly use. I am very pleased with your service and will definitely use it again.

Ms. Russell The University of Tampa, Mother

This made the summer trip home so easy

Sandra West Virginia University, Mother

Dorm Room Movers definitely saves time during finals week when you need it most.

S. Bannon Wesleyan University, Student

So convenient and easy. Just pack the boxes and Dorm Room Mover will do everything else for you!

O. Robinson Florida State University, Student

Awesome workers overall and great service! Love the company!

L. Guzman The University of Tampa, Student

I am so glad I found Dorm Room Movers they are life savers! Best investment ever !!! There's no other way to go !

V. Castle The University of Tampa, Student

I think the service is just amazing.packing is hard already.i was so happy that i did not have to move it myself.i really recommend this service.

S. francine University of Wisconsin Madison, Student

VERY CONVENIENT!! Very nice people that inform and update regarding pick up and delivery. They were nice and on time. I highly recommend them- we live in a different state so had to have storage near her school- they were much more accommodating than the service we used in New York for our other college student.

Ms. Frerich Marquette University, Mother

Loved the fact that I didn't have to haul stuff up 4 flights of stairs.

Ms. Cambier College of William and Mary, Mother

Dorm Movers were excellent. They showed up on time, stored everything safely and delivered it right on time. Everything was jn the same shape that we gave it to them. We even stored a few odd shaped things that were not in boxes like a bike and standing fan.

Ms. Capobianco University of Colorado at Boulder, Mother

Dorm room movers is amazing and simple. Sign up online and they will come pick up and deliver your things to you when you need it!

S. Huang , Student

I love Dorm Room Movers they always go above and beyond my expectations.

Erika Ashley Wesleyan University, Student

I am extremely impressed with how convenient and pleasing this company makes it for students living in the dorms. The customer service was great and extremely helpful. I will differently be coming back to you guys again.

J. Marshall Iowa State University, Student

We were impressed with how easy it was to use Dorm Movers. They have a great system and good employees.

Ms. Blumenfeld The University of Texas at Austin, Mother

What a fantastic service! I wish we had known about it earlier as it would have saved us time, money, and stress. We will definitely continue to use Dorm Room Movers while our daughter's in college.

Ms. Mathes The University of Texas at Dallas, Mother

Excellent service. Makes summer storage so much easier.

Ms. Krumm Clemson University, Mother

The delivery guys were very friendly. My son and I were impressed with the service. We live out of state. We don't have to worry about storing his things over the summer.

Ms. Greer University of Missouri Columbia, Mother

Dorm room movers makes it so easy to move out of your current residence and into a new one. The pick up and delivery days are always spot on with the university.

L. Gonzalez Iowa State University, Student

Excellent company. Customer Service very helpful with answering questions. Delivery person friendly and professional

Ms. Loughney University of Nebraska Lincoln, Mother

AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE. Caesar went above & beyond helping me set it all up! Will definitely use Dorm Room Movers again!

Ms. West The University of Texas at Austin, Mother

Great service for very reasonable price. I was a bit nervous if everything goes smoothly, but it did. I think your communication team (people who called us to make sure we set up the delivery time) made a huge difference to make sure that you and we are on the same page as to when and how the things are delivered.

Ms. Traphagan Lehigh University, Mother

I have had 3 children go away to school and Dorm Room Movers was by far the easiest. The door to door treatment is fantastic. Makes the end of the year/move in very easy even if your child does not have a car. Will definitely use them again.

Marianne Multiple college students, Mother

It was very convenient to use Dorm Room Movers. To have everything delivered to the room on the third floor was awesome. Entire delivery only took about 15 minutes. So we were unpacking very fast.

Ms. Reinhardt College of William and Mary, Mother

The communication and timeliness really helped to make the move painless. We experienced great customer service and enthusiastic, professional movers. We'll use Dorm Room Movers every year.

Ms. Eaton Ohio State University, Mother

The drive to our daughter's college is 13 hours. Having Dorm Room Movers pick up her stuff at the end of the school year, store it for the summer, and drop it off at her new dormitory at the beginning of the following schoolyear meant we didn't have to handle it. No 13 hours, no UHaul, no sweat!! At first I was a little put off by the price, but in hindsight, it was well worth it.

Ms. Thiam College of William and Mary, Mother

We requested morning delivery and they were ahead of schedule worked out great. Very efficient. I had to do something else and when I got back the team had come and gone!

Mr. Kagetsu The University of Texas at Austin, Father

This was such a convenience! Our son goes to school 1500 miles from home and flew back for the summer with just two pieces of luggage. All his bedding, winter clothing, and personal property stayed at a fraction of the cost to ship it home and then back again a few months later. We will definitely use this service again!

Ms. Ryan College of Charleston, Mother

Made life so much easier, 10/10 I would recommend this service to all students who need help storing and moving things, especially international students.

F. Dee University of Iowa, Student

They picked up at my dorm, stored for summer then delivered to my off campus apartment. The reminders to get my new address were great. The delivery was punctual. I would us them again!

S. Midgett DePaul University, Student

This is our second year using Dorm Room movers and we have been completely satisfied. Such a great niche market for all of those college students. I will pass on the good word to all my friends.

Ms. Hood Clemson University, Mother

Dorm Room Movers made it easy to store my son's large architectural projects for the summer. The process was seamless, efficient, and practical during the busy exam and move-out week.

Ms. Wingard Auburn University, Mother

Good service. Nothing need to be worried.

H. Fang Drexel University, Student

Always great. Have used DRM for 3 years and have always been satisfied with their work.

K. Barrera Marquette University, Student

It was so easy and affordable. They were on time and extremely reliable. We had a lot of questions before and during and they responded immediately. I highly recommend this company and plan to use them again soon.

Ms. Dimaggio Arizona State University, Mother

I am very impressed with your services. My son attend school in Pittsburgh and we live in Florida so Dorm Movers is a Godsend for us. The convenience and affordable prices saved us a great deal of money. Luv u guys!!!

Marcia McLean Carnegie Mellon University, Mother

What a great and easy way to store your stuff. Perfect idea - saving everyone a lot of extra effort. Thanks!

Robin Blachman University of Iowa, Mother

Everything went as planned both ways and I have recommended Dorm Room Movers to many friends for next year.

Ms. Spallina Fordham University Rose Hill, Mother

It was convenient! And saved lots of time

J. Daniels University of Iowa, Student

great experience with Dorm movers - they will be our movers for the next 3 years.

Ms. Flynn Marquette University, Mother

Very reliable and communication was terrific. Very impressed with the service and would definitely use again.

Mr. Savoca Michigan State University, Father

The employees from the telephone monitoring staff to tbe moving crew were all very professional. This is our 3rd year using dorm room movers and I have recommended them to a friend

Ms. Curtiss Loyola University Maryland, Mother

I was very happy with the service and how thoughtful and nice the customer service was. I had forgotten to place my delivery address and they called me a few weeks before school started to remind me. Also, they honored my request of what time I needed my boxes to be delivered. The delivery people were really nice. Although some might seem it being pricey, the service was worth it.

J. Chung Villanova University, Student

Excellent experience. Very easy to book, movers were on time and courteous. Changed move in date easily. Definitely would recommend!

Ms. Smith The University of Alabama, Mother

This is awesome and easy method to ship boxes; not only that they send us free 4 boxes for a great service. Nice staffs, too! Just wish price go little down because I have total of 9 boxes to college to ship to and from. Other than that, I recommend this to anyone.

S. C Rochester Institute of Technology, Student

Awesome experience! Easy and college kid friendly

S. Valbuena Villanova University, Student

I have recommended your service to numerous parents and their children. Anyone who doesn't live close to their college can benefit from the service. It's time-saving and money-saving. Also the employees are extraordinarily customer service- oriented .As promised, the movers were at my daughter's apartment when we disembarked from the airport shuttle! A brilliant service!

Ms. Jackson University of Southern California, Mother

Great moving company. It is very simple to set up delivery/pick-up online and there are many options for scheduling or what you need to store. On move-in day the guys who delivered everything were extremely helpful, friendly and got the job done in less than 30 minutes.

Nathan F. Michigan State University, Student

I was very pleased with the Dorm Room Movers service. They were prompt, good at communicating and everything was handled as described. I would highly recommend them.

Ms. Yarnold University of Wisconsin Madison, Mother

Our son goes to school in a city that is hundreds of miles from home, so we needed an affordable summer storage solution and Dorm Room Movers is ideal. Everything is simple. From scheduling pickups and dropoffs to getting packing materials, it's been a great service from the get-go.

James Lee Loyola University, Father

great movers - fast and efficient!

Ms. Cagle Southern Methodist University, Mother

Ultra convenient and practical means of delivery for college students. No real complaints at all.

Jason McCann SUNY at Binghamton, Student

Dorm Movers was great!

Ms. Goldstein University of Arizona, Mother

Almost had big problem with flight arrival/delivery time conflict. But DRM worked around it and got daughter's stuff to her fine. Thanks again!

Ms. Hill Southern Methodist University, Mother

I am really please with the service the last 3 years! looking forward for Graduation Date for you to be able to help my daughter again when she leaves college. Having a student out of state has been much easier with your help!

Cesar Salas Washington And Jefferson College, Father

We love Dorm Room Movers! We have used you for the past two years and love your service. The movers are professional and show during their allotted time period. Dorm Room Movers makes moving and college storage easy.

Ms. Almquist Southern Methodist University, Mother

This service worked out really well for us. Dorm Movers did exactly what they promised - picked up and delivered on time. Saved us the time, aggravation and money of having to drive 11 hours at the end if the school year and enabled our student to simply pack and fly home instead. Definelty worth it.

Ms. Madison The University of Alabama, Mother

I think you guys are great!!! You make moving in and out of the dorm so easy. You're always right on time and the price is right!

Ms. Balchiunas Connecticut College, Mother

Dorm Room Movers made storage very easy and carefree. They come and pick up (and deliver) so you don't even have to leave your room. Considering that most students put stuff in storage during Finals Week, using Dorm Room Movers gave me more time to study since I didn't have to drive to a storage unit. The customers service is great and accommodating also.

Magnus Rostrup The University of Tampa, Student

Last year I used DRM to ship boxes to college from NY to Alabama. Stored items over the summer and had them delivered to new location in Alabama. All went smoothly, saved me time and was actually cost effective. I always recommend Dorm Room Movers to friends with kids going to college - especially out of state. Customer Services has been excellent with questions and changes.

Ms. Klein The University of Alabama, Mother

Great service and very professional employees! Makes a stressful experience much easier.

Ms. Taer University of Arizona, Mother

Best deal EVER!! Saved us a trip up to D.C.!!! Everything was in her dorm room on time and in perfect condition! Will definitely use again!

Ms. Smith American University, Mother

Great customer service. I have recommended Dorm Room Movers to many of my friends.

Ms. Iglesias The University of Alabama, Mother

Got what I paid for!

Ms. Collazo University of Iowa, Mother

Since I'm from Hawaii, my parents are unable to help me move out or move in my stuff for every college year. Dorm Room Movers has helped me a great deal because I don't have to worry about where to store my things for college and the transportation to store my things. The staff has excellent customer services and the delivers are amazing and awesome people. :) Thank you!

S. Kishi Marist College, Student

Dorm Room Movers made our lives easier! Nothing was a problem and service was on time and professional. It saved me a plane flight, hotel, and rental car, since my student was able to handle the easy move.

Ms. Bunting University of Colorado at Boulder, Mother

Can't say enough how much Dorm Room Movers streamlined our process!! Honestly, I'm not sure how we would have managed without them as we went directly from traveling to moving in. They were professional and super efficient every step of the way!!

Ms. Chappell Carnegie Mellon University, Mother

Going to use Dorm Movers every year until graduation and then again for next child going off to college. Made everything worry free which was invaluable as we live in 2 different parts of the country. Thank you!

Mother #N/A, Mother

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