Here's how it works

  • We'll send you boxes & tape for you to pack
  • We'll send movers to pickup your boxes & large items
  • Your stuff is stored our climate protected facilities
  • If you want, we'll ship boxes you need home
  • We'll deliver to your new place when you return

Here's what's included

Our Supply Kit

Our kits include 5 large boxes (18"x18"x22" 4.125 cubic feet) a roll of tape, and packing tips. It's usually enough to pack all of your items but you can always order another kit to be sent to you. We'll send it UPS to your place and you can schedule when you want it delivered so you don't have to keep it in your crammed dorm room with you all semester.

Free pickup and delivery dates

We offer free dates that align with the campus schedule. Other dates are available for request at an additional charge since we're sending a crew out just for you. Get started with your account to see the dates for your campus.

Professional & insured movers

We don’t just hire any Joe Schmo to move your stuff. Our moving teams have been around the block, and we ensure your belongings' safety and security.

Climate safe warehouses

No one wants to see their electronics get fried or their plastic melted in the summer heat. All storage warehouses are kept at a safe temperature to keep your gear in tip top shape.

$100 coverage per item

Each item we pick up automatically gets up to $100 of coverage against loss or damage just in case anything happens. You can rest assured since we've successfully moved over 100,000 items, we kinda know what we're doing.

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