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Delivered Home for Summer

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How It Works

Register & Recieve
Your 5 Boxes + Tape

Register & Recieve Your 5 Boxes + Tape

Pack & Schedule
Your Pick-up Date

Pack & Schedule Your Pick-up Date

UPS Will Pick-up &
Deliver Home

UPS Pick-up & Deliver Home

How does ship home pricing work?

Pricing for shipping is the same as you would pay by going to the UPS store, except you don't have to go there with all your stuff! Get started with a quote that's unique to where you are shipping your items.

You can send any boxed items that are permitted by UPS. You'll want to ensure everything is packed well and in accordance with UPS packing requirements.

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More Details About Storage

Packing Supplies Sent to You

We'll ship you our supply kit when you register which includes 5 large boxes and a roll of tape. No need to dumpster dive at the local grocery for boxes to pack.

In Room Pickup & Delivery

We'll send professional, licensed and insured 3rd party movers to you to gather the items and deliver them when you're ready. No extra charge for stairs.

Professional & Insured Movers

We contract local professional 3rd party moving companies to ensure your belongings' safety and security.

Secure & Climate Protected

24/7 alarmed and protected for your peace of mind. All storage warehouses are kept at a safe temperature to keep your gear in tip top shape.

Shipping Boxes Home & Back

We can ship boxes home if you need the home for the summer. Not returning to school? We can ship to a new destination anywhere in the US or to over 30 countries.

Free Coverage

We know what we're doing and have moved over 500,000 items! But just in case, we automatically cover up to $150 per item for free.