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Your 5 Boxes + Tape

When you register, Dorm Room Movers will send you a Supply Kit containing five signature boxes, useful packing tips, and a roll of packing tape. Your peace of mind is truly our hightest priority.

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Register & Receive Your 5 Boxes + Tape
Pack & schedule your pick-up date

Pack & Schedule
Your Pick-up Date

Our signature boxes are 18" x 18" x 22" and hold up to 45 pounds of your items. Remember to pack heavier items in the bottom of the box, and lighter items towards the top. Each box you ship carries $150 of insurance coverage.

Picked Up & Shipped
To School by UPS

Shipping your stuff to school with Dorm Room Movers is incredibly easy. UPS will pickup your boxes and deliver them to your school to ensure you have everything you need for a great semester.
Professional movers for your pickup and delivery

How does ship to school pricing work?

Register for only ${{ pricing.registration_fee.discounted_amount | floor }}.{{ pricing.registration_fee.discounted_amount | cents }}
Receive a supply kit &
Only pay for what you ship

Supply kit included with registration!

**Our Supply Kit comes with 5 Boxes + Packing Tape **Supply Kit = 5 Boxes + Packing Tape

Pricing for shipping is the same as you would pay by going to the UPS store, except you don't have to go there with all your stuff! Just pay {{ pricing.skus[ 'SHIP-IN-HANDLING' ].amount | currency }}/box handling for us to receive, store for up to a month, and deliver your boxes to your campus.

You can send any boxed items that are permitted by UPS. You'll want to ensure everything is packed well and in accordance with UPS packing requirements.

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