We're serving Auburn University with our newest division SpaceShip

By-the-Box Storage & Shipping for
Auburn University

Why Use SpaceShip

We've launched a new service that can store or ship your boxes to and from Auburn University!

Storage by the box

SpaceShip allows you to store as little as one box and just pay monthly for it. No need to rent a whole locker and deal with moving it all there...

UPS picks up and ships your boxes to us

We're just 1 day away from nearly everywhere in the country. UPS will pick up from your home or mailroom and deliver your boxes to us.

Safe and secure

Warehouses are climate safe and secured so you dont have to worry about any damage, each box has up to $100 of coverage as well just in case.

Automatic monthly billing

When we receive your boxes the billing begins, you just pay for whats in storage all automatic so no need to keep track of another bill to pay.

Delivery anywhere in the country

When you want your boxes back we'll send send them wherever you need them.

Direct shipping available as well

If you'd like to send boxes directly without storage you can do that too. That way you can bring some stuff home without lugging it all on the airplane!

Fabulous experience. All personnel – from the customer service phone representatives to the superb delivery and pick-up movers – made this so easy and simple. Moving is stressful enough, and I’m so glad I used your services. I told some of my friends about you.

Felice, S. Recent Graduate

I was so impressed with the convenience of this company!!! The customer service was phenomenal, especially when I asked to increase the insurance for some of my boxes. I will definitely use them again!

Simi s. College Student

How much does SpaceShip cost?

Only $14.99/mo per box for storage.

You can store any box for $14.99/mo. Billing starts when we receive your box and will be prorated until the end of the first month. From then on you'll be billed at the first of each month.

$10.00/box handling is charged upon arrival to the warehouse and covers the inbound and outbound handling per package.

Shipping to our nearest space is always FREE

Return shipping nearby is free if you store for more than 6 months. Otherwise, it’s just $29.50 per box to ship back. If you need to ship to a more distant location, we can do that too, just pay the extra freight cost.

First UPS pickup is FREE

UPS pickups are free for the first time and after that, $10 each. You can drop off at any UPS location for free.

No minimum quantity or storage period.

Store as many or as few boxes as you need. You wont get stuck in a contract or paying for any more space than you use since you pay only by the item stored.

Here's what you get

  • We'll send you boxes & tape
  • First pickup is free
  • Climate secure storage
  • $100 coverage per item

Frequently Asked Questions

You can send in any boxed items. You'll want to ensure everything is packed well and in accordance with UPS packing requirements. No live animals or illegal items please!

Storage pricing is $14.99/month per box for storage. We'll prorate the first month and then billing will occur on the 1st of the month. Shipping in is free, and return shipping is just $30/box.

$10.00/box handling is charged upon arrival to the warehouse and covers the inbound and outbound handling per package.

Items placed in storage are covered for up to $100. Electronics need to be in original packaging to be covered under our insurance.
Each box you ship will have a declared value of $100 with UPS. Items must be packed in accordance with UPS packing requirements to be covered.

Please see our terms and conditions page for details on our coverage.
Of course you can! We like to make it easy on you and send you our kit which has strong boxes suitable for shipping, but you're welcome to use your own boxes as well.
Your items are stored in climate protected commercial warehouses that are secured and fire protected. We want your items to be safe!
We send UPS to collect the boxes and ship them to our nearest facility. They will pick up from wherever you receive your UPS packages. On some campuses it's a central mail room, but if you are off campus in an apartment or house, in most cases they come to your door. professional movers to collect your items and bring them into storage.
Our boxes are large 18" x 18" x 22" (4.125 cubic feet) one of them can hold an entire bedding set including pillows.
Absolutely! We help students in greeklife, apartments and off campus housing all the time!

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