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When you register, Dorm Room Movers will send you a Supply Kit containing five signature boxes, useful packing tips, and a roll of packing tape. Your peace of mind is truly our hightest priority.
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Our signature boxes are 18" x 18" x 22" and hold up to 45 pounds of your items. We inventory, move and store your stuff including boxes and non-boxed items like bikes, futons, mini-fridges, lamps, end tables, etc.
We'll store boxes, bikes, TVs, fridges, furniture & more.

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You only pay for the items we move and store! Professional movers will pick-up your belongings, store them in a safe, secure, & climate protected facility, and when you're ready they'll deliver it back to you.
You only pay for the items that we pick up.

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We take great pride in helping students be freed from the stress of summer move out. The best part is we deliver your items back to you when you're ready.
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Supply kit included with registration!

**Our Supply Kit comes with 5 Boxes + Packing Tape **Supply Kit = 5 Boxes + Packing Tape

Per Item pricing with a 4 month minimum term.
Includes pickup & delivery on featured dates.


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Additional Services

Free featured dates are provided based on the academic calendar and the demand on the campus. Dates outside of those are an additional charge. To view the dates and their respective pricing, Get started or login and enter your campus.
Our movers can pack your items using industry best practices to safely store your items on select campuses.
All you need to do is print labels from your account and attach them to your boxes. Our movers will collect the boxes, and have them shipped out for you. Shipping of items that are already placed into storage will incur Additional Warehouse Labor charge.
Boxes over 65 lbs may be subject to a charge of $30. Avoid this by splitting up the heavy items, like books, among your boxes.
If your delivery destination is outside of a 10 mile radius from your campus, it is $10 per mile. In the instance that you're transferring to a new school or moving far, we can ship your boxes too and you just have to pay for the freight and ${{ pricing.skus[ 'SHIPPING-HANDLING' ].amount | number : 0 }}/box handling.
Applies to additional warehouse labor for:
  • Ship out request from storage
  • Warehouse pickup request from storage
  • Return to storage if warehouse pickup or delivery is cancelled and not rescheduled to a new date within 3 business days.
  • Cancellations for pickups or deliveries on dates other than our free featured dates will be refunded in full if cancelled in advance of 2 business days for pickups and 3 business days for deliveries.
  • Pickup/delivery fees greater than $100 will be granted a partial refund of any amount in excess of $100 if cancelled/rescheduled 1 business day before a pickup or 1-2 business days before a delivery. (i.e if a fee is $199 and cancelled the day before, $99 will be refunded)
  • Cancellation or rescheduling on the day of the move will incur a ${{ pricing.skus[ 'LAST-MINUTE-BOOKING' ].amount | number : 0 }} cancellation fee and will not be refunded for any fees for special date booking.

If you need us to discard your items we can handle that for you - ${{ pricing.skus[ 'DISCARD-ITEMS' ].amount | number : 0 }}/item.

If your fridge is frosted and full we will need to empty and defrost it for you to ensure it doesn't get moldy in storage - ${{ pricing.skus[ 'FRIDGE-DEFROST' ].amount | number : 0 }}

Moving is hard, but that's what we're here for.
Here's how we've helped 100,000+ students!


Andrew - College Student

"I live across the country and didn't have to lift any heavy boxes or worry about where I'd story my stuff when I went back home for the summer"

Jade - Parent

"The process has been seamless with the delivery of supplies in advance and deliverying the items back from storage when school resumes"

Ezra - College Student

"They make it incredibly convenient because you only pay per item rather than renting an entire storage unit"

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Frequently Asked Questions

We'll pick up nearly anything you have such as furniture, TVs, mini fridges and bicycles, with a couple exceptions, no live animals or illegal items please!
Pricing is per item we pick up and incldues storage up to 4 months. Only pay for the items we pick up. Pricing for items is split into a 5-tiers based on size and includes pickup & delivery on one one of our featured dates. To view the full pricing list click here.
Yep! Items placed in storage are covered for up to $150 based on our terms and conditions. Electronics need to be in original packaging to be covered. Each box you ship will have a declared value of $150 with UPS. Items must be packed in accordance with UPS packing requirements to be covered.
Of course you can! We like to make it easy on you and send you our kit which is included with the registration but you're welcome to use your own boxes as well.
Your items are stored in climate protected commercial warehouses that are secured and fire protected. We want your items to be safe!
We send licensed and insured third party professional movers to collect your items and bring them into storage. They are seasoned professionals and are vetted to ensure your belongings' safety and security.
Our boxes are large 18" x 18" x 22" (4.125 cubic feet) one of them can hold an entire bedding set including pillows.
Absolutely! We help students in greeklife, apartments and off campus housing all the time!

Dorm Room Movers is not sponsored by Indian Springs School
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