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We will safely ship your items from home to your campus so all you have to do is unpack!

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Moving is hard, but that's what we're here for.
Here's how we've helped 100,000+ students!


Andrew - College Student

"I live across the country and didn't have to lift any heavy boxes or worry about where I'd story my stuff when I went back home for the summer"

Jade - Parent

"The process has been seamless with the delivery of supplies in advance and deliverying the items back from storage when school resumes"

Ezra - College Student

"They make it incredibly convenient because you only pay per item rather than renting an entire storage unit"

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How it Works

Register & Receive
Your 5 Boxes + Tape

When you register, Dorm Room Movers will send you a Supply Kit containing five signature boxes, useful packing tips, and a roll of packing tape. Your peace of mind is truly our hightest priority.
No more searching for boxes!

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How it Works
Pack and schedule your pickup

Pack & Schedule
Your Pick-up Date

Our signature boxes are 18" x 18" x 22" and hold up to 45 pounds of your items. We inventory, move and store your stuff including boxes and non-boxed items like bikes, futons, mini-fridges, lamps, end tables, etc.
We'll store boxes, bikes, TVs, fridges, furniture & more.

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Pro Movers Pick-up &
Deliver Back to You

You only pay for the items we move and store! Professional movers will pick-up your belongings, store them in a safe, secure, & climate protected facility, and when you're ready they'll deliver it back to you.
You only pay for the items that we pick up.

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Professional movers for your pickup and delivery

We've Got
You Covered

We take great pride in helping students be freed from the stress of summer move out. The best part is we deliver your items back to you when you're ready.
We got you covered







We Value


We value all walks of life and believe that different perspectives and outlooks should have equal weight.


We value humans no matter where they come from or in what ways they choose to identify themselves.


We value our environment and have taken every action to ensure that our boxes are 100% recyclable.

How We Provide Peace of Mind

Ship your stuff to storage!
Moving + Storage

Whether you're going home for the summer or studying abroad we'll take care of your stuff so you don't need to lift a finger. Spend your time hanging out with your friends, studying or doing anything other than moving! We can also send a few boxes home if you need to.

Ship your stuff home!
Shipping Home

Whether you're going home for the summer, graduating, or just trying to free up closet space in your dorm, shipping with Dorm Room Movers is a breeze! Packing supplies are distributed via UPS with $150 insurance per item.

Delivery to your dorm room!
Ship to School

Have stuff you want to bring to school, but don't feel like paying the airline baggage fees just to haul it yourself? We'll send empty boxes to your house. Just pack, print shipping labels, and schedule a pickup on our website and we'll ship them to your college. At select campuses we can even deliver to your dorm room!

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How Does Moving + Storage Pricing Work?

Moving + Storage is priced per item, per month, based on what we pick up.
Mini Fridge

What's Included:

  • Moved by professionals.
  • Securely stored & climate protected.
  • Covered up to $150 per item.
  • Delivered back to you.
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