Shipping items to college

Avoid the baggage fees and let us do the lugging!

Why use Dorm Room Movers to ship your stuff to college

Whether you're coming to college for your first semester or returning to campus, shipping your stuff to college is easy with Dorm Room Movers. We'll help you move to college without the heavy lifting!

How shipping to college Works

Packing supplies sent to you

We'll ship you our supply kit which includes 5 large boxes and a roll of tape. No need to dumpster dive at the local grocery for boxes to pack.

Pickup from your door

We'll send UPS to pick up your items from your house. Then they will ship everything to your place on campus.

$100 coverage per package

Each item has a declared valuation of up to $100. Just make sure to pack your items according to UPS terms and conditions.

Online package tracking

Log into your account at anytime to track your boxes on their journey to college.

Expert Phone support

Our team is happy to help with whatever you need, just give us a call at 888.7.MYDORM

I slept an average of 3 hours a night finals week. Without Dorm Room Movers I would have been too busy moving to get even that meager amount. The result: All A's and safe easy storage.

Steven Allen University of Alabama Student

Everyone was truly genuine and enjoyable to talk with, polite yet personable. An amazing staff to work with your needs.

Alexandria McCall North Carolina State University Student

Our son goes to school in a city that is hundreds of miles from home, so we needed an affordable summer storage solution and Dorm Room Movers is ideal. Everything is simple. From scheduling pickups and dropoffs to getting packing materials, it's been a great service from the get-go.

James Lee Loyola University, Parent

Here's what's included

  • We'll send you boxes & tape
  • UPS pickup from your home
  • Ground freight to your campus
  • Expert customer support
  • $100 coverage per item

Frequently Asked Questions

You can send any boxed items that are permitted by UPS. You'll want to ensure everything is packed well and in accordance with UPS packing requirements. No live animals or illegal items please!
Pricing for shipping is the same as you would pay by going to the UPS store, except you don't have to go there with all of your stuff! Get started with a quote that's unique to where you are shipping your items.

Each box you ship will have a declared value of $100 with UPS. Items must be packed in accordance with UPS packing requirements to be covered. Please see our terms and conditions page for details on our coverage.
Of course you can! We like to make it easy on you and send you our kit which has strong boxes suitable for shipping, but you're welcome to use your own boxes as well.
Our boxes are large 18" x 18" x 22" (4.125 cubic feet) one of them can hold an entire bedding set including pillows. You can pack up to 50 lbs. in each box
Absolutely! We help students in greeklife, apartments and off campus housing all the time!

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